KTM SuperMoto - Retarded Rider

This morning, bimbling to work at usual. and the below happens. Check his awful trainers! What does he think he is wearing.


I don’t see a problem, they’re colour coordinated with his bike

i believe the reason for posting is because KTM jumped red lights?

I think jumping the red light was more of an issue.

Jumped the red lights at a pedestrian crossing, that makes him a super [email protected]

Not as interesting as the bike and BMW who tried to race each other off the line whilst the light was red and plenty of cars crossing at a cross junction. I need a camera to record the amazingly stupid cagers and peds I am surrounded by on my daily commutes.

Well done, some people are not colour blind. Silly bugger jumped red light twice. rather sad really, one day he will come a cropper and who will pick up the pieces.

I wonder if he’s just trader up from an L plated scootah…

That’s their normal behavior / footwear

scooters are excepted from all traffic rules, here’s one on my journey

This “jumping the light” that he did, was it stopping ahead of the stop line or going on amber?

Going straight through red light. Seconds after it changed, not microseconds either. Today he did not jump the light, partly because I was in the way!!! If he had touched me I would have quite happily have beaten him with the wet end of his arm stump.

Oh, I didn’t see the second set of light! Perhaps he didn’t either :slight_smile:

Cough Cough. He rides the same route every day. Bit hard to miss those I would say.

Cough cough cough

Crossing the stop line on a red light is …

is still not going through the light. My wheel was right on the line… cough (bugger this hayfever is getting me down). Still, we have all been rather naughty on our bikes at one stage or another… :w00t: