ktm superduke

My superduke for sale: After 3 years, its time for a change.

2006 model, 56 plate, 10890 miles.

edit: now on ebay, see below.

11k miles? That’s embarrassing :smiley:

So thats how it looked when you bought it… How does it look now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it, he even left the date on the pic!!!

But to be fair, with those miles, it’s barely ridden in is it?

Haha yeah good point :smiley:

Looks really nice though Slipper, it’s got me dribbling

Barely ridden lately, Unlike Nick :smiley:

I will take a new piccy, if it stops raining and I can get it out the garage


Now on ebay !!!

Could you deliver to Belfast? And take an IOU until I am home (June 30th) ?

I can deliver it to Belfast if you sort out the sale and book an air ticket back to London.

You will have to specify which parking bay you want it left in and whether to leave the keys in or hide them down a nearby drain.:slight_smile:

Deal !!! :smiley:

Delivery could be errrrr quite a lot :smiley:

To Belfast? Drive it over - jump on a plane home!

I’d keep you company, but pillion all the way back wouldn’t be a great idea on a superduke! :wink:

Seriously guys…

Mr Chris - could you deliver it to an address in Northern Ireland (My mate’s house is in Down, about 30 miles from Belfast) ? Would pay a day rate’s work / petrol / bus fares home / ferry + plus air ticket home…
Mr Andy - 4k for the bike…

Both of you - cash and/or cheque upon my arrival back in UK - June 30th

(I can’t do anything before - as my online banking is down - UK banks love Nigeria!)

My mate just confirmed shipment not going for at least a week - maybe 2…

???What you think???

If your being serious and Chris can’t do it I’m in :smiley:

I dont know who this character is Andy but this sounds well dodgy:w00t::smiley:

Ship the bike out…cash when I get back in the UK…yeah right:Whistling:

pmsl…good job I am such a trustworthy honest geezer :smiley: Thinking about it - I paid you 650 quid for a trip to Europe Rob…and I don’t even know where you live!

Yep, few quid more and it’s all gone, catch me if you can:w00t::smiley:

Looks like an LB rideout to somewhere near Belfast.

Hopefully I’ll get paid for it beofre he relises he cannot touch the ground with both feet :Whistling:
Sorry Nick, i really want you to have the bike , but you’ve been outbid by another wise man hundreds of miles away (>£4k ) :crazy: