KTM SuperDuke Stolen on Sat night in Mile End

KX06 BSV - Orange.

I imagine it’s on it’s way out of the country by now, but you never know. With a bit of luck it’ll be found wrapped around a tree with whichever pikey twat that nicked it still on top.

Can’t decide if I’m more gutted or furious.

EDIT - Added pic.

Nightmare. Sorry to hear about this.

Oh God, I know you got on well with that bike, totally shitty news

What an arse!!!
hope some good news come from them getting hurt or nicked !

Yeah, It’s the second bike I’ve had nicked in London. Both locked up as best as possible under the circumstances. Don’t normally keep it in town so no ground anchor but was double-disk locked etc.

They had balls. It was a few ft away form 5 different bedroom windows. No-one heard a thing.


gutted and angry for hearing this.

gutted for you fella i had a bike go missing by bow road ended up finding it down by bow triangle bit like the bermuda triangle but with caravans coming from mile end its first right past bow road tube .

Bummer . I always got nervous parking mine in town even with a security man sitting watching it all day .

Not sure I would like to park a bike in central London any more.

There is no way I would take the SMT. Hope you have some good news some.

Oh Andy, not another one, so sorry.

Thanks everyone. Waiting to hear from the Police whether they are going to investigate or not.

Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling. Ive heard someone steal my car off my driveway before! I just felt pure rage as I heard it driving off down the road.

Was it chained to anything mate? Did it have an alarm?

Unless there is any CCTV or witnesses the Police won’t look into it any further unless it’s recovered. Tower Hamlets has one of the highest crime rates in London so it’s a dodgy place to leave anything of value!

I work in Tower Hamlets so I’ll keep an eye out when I’m driving about.

Sorry to hear that matey

what made you risk it in mile end dude:crazy:

sorry to hear its been pinched, get another and keep it banned from london!