KTM man

Had a little bit of fun with a 660 SMC rider on the way home last night - through the New Cross twisties :smiley:

He was a proper KTM man though - he had orange KTM racing fleece, orange camo (!!!) KTM trousers, KTM MX helmet, orange KTM goggles. He was like the KTM equivalent of a power ranger - I never knew KTM made so much stuff! lol :smiley:

All he needed was a cape and he could have been a KTM superhero! :smiley:

bet he smoked your ass :smiley:

Lol … you’ve been Tango’d :smiley:

Yeah, I was gonna say that all KTM riders are homo’s!:stuck_out_tongue:


Give us a kiss honkytonk :ermm:

The KTM guys I seem to be seeing recently wear momo helmets. :hmm:

Lol, there was an R1 rider, this guy on the 660 SMC and me on my SXV 550, in all honesty I was taking it easy but was keeping up with them - this thing is fooking brutal the way it delivers the power it scares the sh1t out of me tbh :smiley:

Here he is :smiley:



Oi, who you calling a Honky?:angry:

When you have got used that power, you could try moving up to a Honda!:stuck_out_tongue:

You see, homosexual!:laugh:

The emphais was on the “tonk” actually :wink:

Yeah but that wouldn’t be half as funny, would it!:wink:

all the power’s right where you want it :satisfied:

unlike my BMW :doze:

enjoy it while it lasts dude :Whistling: lol

lol, i know they ain’t reliable, but I got a 09 and all the really bad problems (engine casing sealant) are only supposed to be on the 07 and older. This is what I keep telling myself anyway while I pray to all the gods known to man - and make sure I keep putting oil in it :smiley:

how many svx’s did you own lee:D

3 dude, an 07 08 and 09. all broke at silly low miles despite the mods. i got fooled into the later ones are better myth too haha. aprilia can suck ny nans left nut sack.

Now I’m scared :ermm:. What broke on the 08 and 09 out of interest?

tbh though I’ve heard plenty of KTM scare stories too, but granted there are more Ape ones :smiley:

they all had oil/water issues despite all the mods, first one cam fucked, 2nd one cam and head smashed to bits, and 3rd one was on its way out but i impaled it on an iron gate before it fully went :cool: most unreliable moto ive had and ive had vertamatis vors and numerous 2bangers lol

oh and this too dude lol

Ouch! :blink: Cheers mr tattoo, good to know mate. If it happens to mine I’ll obv be gutted (and out of pocket), but it is a fun bike and I won’t regret buying it - I’ll just get a KTM then :smiley:

I’m keeping a keen eye on my oil filler cap, apparently if you get any milky residue in there then the coolant has got in the oil and it’s time to get your engine sealant done - or worst case scenario motor rebuilt, just pray it don’t happen :crazy: