KTM Dealer

Anyone got any opinions of the service and standards of buying from Hyside M/cycles? I am looking for a new SuperDuke and noticed that they have one in the colour I want shown on Bike Trader. Never used them before as I normally go to P&H.

PM SPG (herts) or Ducati Pete (essex) - dont know anyone west or south :frowning:

PM PJ, one of his mate run the KTM shop in Bracknell and I am sure he should be able to help…

You could try the loveable, crazy Italians in Croydon. Try In-Moto. (Google it)

Take the coffee. Don’t take the first offer.

hyside from what i know are a very good dealers, they are quite a samll dealers, wich is not a bad thing, they will look after ya, i know sipermoto has bought a good few KTM’s from them, PM him?

Hyside are quiet good, but they are a bit over priced (was there just this morning, dropping an exhaust for a guy in work monsters’, as he getting them change over today).

Also, another guy from my work is swapping his phaser for a KTM with them… which he is expecting to get in the next week :w00t:

I have known them for over 10 years and used them for my superdukes since May 05.

I’ve only good things to sat about them.

On the workshop front, they now have Mark working there full time, I’ve known him since 96 - he worked at another dealer I used a lot - I’m very pleased he’ll be working on my bikes again.

are you an essex boy pete!:w00t::smiley:

Cheers all. Will be off there Saturday (if the weather is nice) to see what the crack is on deals

Yes, when I’m in the UK I work out of our factory in Hainault, so Hysides are handy as well as good.

I live on the North Bank of the Thames with Ratty (not you stoopid :wink: )and Mole.My gurl lives in Kensington / Cataluna - sometimes I’m not sure where the h.ell I am TBH!

ah me see’s!

wot bout badger and toad!!:w00t:

Kensington…very posh…lol:D

yah me likes Hyside, never bought from them but looked at a few of their bikes, seem friendly enough, not too pushy!

Badger snores too loud, so we found him a place of his own down the bank. Toad lives at Toad Hall, don’t you know anything? :slight_smile:

Yes, she’s posh totty!