KTM as a tourer?

Been offered a second hand KTM 530 from a bloke down the pub…sounds like a good bike and is defo a good price.

Obviously I would need to check it out properly - but if I put some road tyres on it, got it registered for the road etc…is there any way you could also put any luggage on it? If I buy it, it would be as a bit of a weekend toy - but I would want to ride it home in 18 months time - about 3000 miles - half of it on African roads:w00t:

Would need to carry clothes and camping gear for two weeks, plus water etc. Looking at it I am struggling to see how I could get anything on it:crazy: Anyone ever used one to carry anything?


Scrap that…9.5 Litre petrol tank - not ideal for touring anywhere…never mind West Africa :w00t:

(Found some luggage too ;))

Bigger tank can be sorted, but do you really want to do 6 oil changes on your route home? :smiley:

If, the 530 has the same RFS engine as my 525 I would forget about touring on it. Besides having a razor blade for a seat, they only hold 1.2 litres of oil so it needs an oil change every 300-500 miles and the oil filters changed every 3 oil changes. I got around the lack of touring potential by buying a 990 Adventure!

not the bike for touring with out a support team…:slight_smile:

nice bike…love a go:D:D

think the new 530exc is only 500ml of oil with seperate gear box oil :w00t: drb will be the man in the know on the bike :slight_smile: