KTM 950 SM 2008r up for sale

I was trying sell it last year but then decided to keep. Unfortunately I’ve just lost my full time job and cant afford to keep it. Need to switch to something cheaper and smaller for time being :S

Anyway, few info and facts about the bike.

It was registered in 2008. I am second owner. Bike was bought as cat D and the only reason it has cat D is because previous owner bought something new before this one was recovered after being stolen.

Bike has 12500 on clock. Last service was done at 10000, that included oil, new filters and valve clearance check.

Whats more bike had carbs synced, needles raised and fuel ratio changed.
Bike has Wings Cans fitted and running sweet and loud. I was gutted but after 2 days from fitting I had 10mph off which resulted in Can dent on the right side, engine case and plastic scratched. Drb was the witness and had a good laugh at me that day :slight_smile:

I emailed Gorzad (Wings maker) and he can supply new outter bit for 100 euro (inc postage)

I also bought some fairings from eBay and started painting them in matte black. Its a little project for new owner to finish, and I got enough paint to finish it.

Bike is at the moment on Pirelli Supercorsa Pro tyres which still have life for another 2000+ miles easy.

Motorcycle located in Uxbridge, London.

Price is £4100.

Anyone interested please call me on [redacted]

Any questions please ask.










How many cc’s is it ??

and do you think if im 5’4/5’5 i will be able to drive it ??

about 950cci think you might struggle without getting the seat lowered, although there are places to do it :frowning: I’m 6ft1 with a 36" inside leg and this would be about right for me as it is…

it is lower than 600cc supermotos, its more a touring bike rather than off road

feel free to pop up on Friday to Ace Cafe and speak to me and have a go on the bike:)

What happened with the job Arnie?

I’ll offer a monthly installment of £3.57 over 95.7 years

if that would be acceptable please let me know.

I don’t know how much 5.5ft is in real measurement, but jerryxt on here has one and he’s like midget size and fits :wink:
They’re not that tall really. Nothing like the adventure …

true - but the Adventure is particularly tall! :smiley: :hehe:

That’s a lot of bike for the money. But the Cat D and exhaust dink/repair might put me off.

You might be better off repairing that and then trying to sell it.

Best of luck either way. As soon as I sell my Daytona 600, I’ll be on the hunt for one of these SM’s. Great bikes.

they are fookin’ tall and I’m no midget! Just make sure you pull up next to a kerb and you’ll be fine :smiley:

These bikes are amazing. I remember outbraking a bloke on an R1 under a speed camera - I was sitting on the fuel cap, feet off the pegs, back wheel waving in the air - excellent!

Complete hooligans bike. This one even has proper black bits so you don’t need to be embarassed about riding an orange bike.

sorry. Dwarf size :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know I’d see the day you became political correct :hehe:

Hmm, remind us exactly why you got the SuperDuke - nothing to do with the grown-up bike being too tall??? :smiley:

I guess it’s about time you try for yourself so you can understand why the SM is really good fun, but the SD is better for giggles. It’s more childish indeed, that’s why I got it :smiley:

Speaking of grown up bikes, when will you get a BMW GS? You’re getting about the right age for one now :w00t:

as I keep reminding you, I might be old but I can afford the insurance!

Seriously, I’d love a spin at some point. Maybe next week?

as I could expect my thread was hijacked :slight_smile:

Bike is SOLD now! Thanks for looking.

It was great bike but time to switch to some sportbike and get back to trackdays.

Kev, our boss noticed that I am doing nothing all days so making me redundant :stuck_out_tongue:

950 SM is kind of bad boy bike but me being **good ** boy should switch to R1 track prepared :smiley: