KTM 525 EXC for sale

Hi there, I’m selling my 04 525 as it has had so little use since I bought my 990 Adventure. If anyone is interested, it is listed in the for sale section.


lewis r6 this is the bike you need:cool:

glws duncan :slight_smile:

What a bargain. :slight_smile: If only I was 20 years younger. :smiley:

That would make you 907yrs old?:hehe:

Cheers Mad-Dog, it’s been a good bike and I have some great memories from riding it so it will be a shame to see it go.

Junkie, you’re never too old for a Supermoto as Sneaky proves! :Whistling:

Thats a lovely bike Pogie.

Good luck with the sale mate. Ive gone for the 625

Now sold, thanks for looking.