Kseal coolant repair


So I’ve found the leak from my radiator the Yamaha could not. Its a tiny hole at the top off my rad surrounded by fins. Should I attempted to fix it with kseal or but a new rad?


New radiator every time.

Those seal things just end up gunking up the cooling system. They’re nothing more than a bodge.

If a new rad is expensive you can get them professionally repaired fairly easily.


You could try a bit of liquid metal if it’s such a tiny hole.



Well I’ve gone and ordered a new one but I’ll keep the old one and if I have time I’ll try to mend. So while im at it should I change the hoses and if so on a beard difficulty scale how difficult is it :joy::joy:


if you can replace a radiator your part way there


Would you reuse the clips o order new ones with the hose


subject to inspection if it ain’t broken…

If needed or if you’re replacing with colour co-ordinated silicone hoses for cosmetic appeal I’d order the Mikalor W4 stainless steel hose clamps


I’ll find out the sizes and order some


They don’t take too long in post its best to measure the hoses rather than the old clamp since the Mikalor hose clamp is of a ‘band and bridge’ design. The plus side of that is that you can fit the clamps after the hoses, the downside is that each size of clamp is limited to a diameter range of 2 to 5 mm.


So I can fit the rad and hoses today and put the clamps on when they arrive


Yes, if you get the Mikalor hose clamp with the ‘band and bridge’ design


So radiator fitted and no leaks waiting for hoses and clamps, unfortunately my radiator guard does not fit (not OEM radiator) so mount brackets are 5mm thicker so in the process off seeing of I can shave off the excess bit at least the bike runs not leaks and doesn’t over heat