Kryptonite New York Chain 1210

Hi all,

I’ve just got myself a Kryptonite New York Chain 1210. I was just wondering if they are really as good as they are made out to be as it doesn’t look too dissimilar to a cheap £15.00 temporary chain I ordered off ebay.

Can anyone let me know how good these chains are?

Also I know that Almax is the best but I can’t afford one of them so I though I’d go for second best… well I hope it is lol.


Sadly they are made of shite, so equate to be as bad as an Oxford Monster. Do a youtube search on Captain Cropper and you’ll see him killing one in under 30 secs with 42" croppers.

He cut thorugh both sides of a forgetaboutit chain in 29 seconds - this chain is 14mm, yours is 12mm - so even quicker to crop unfortunately.

To be fair, he’s got some weight behind them croppers…

It’s a good thing then that only anorexic criminals are interested in bikes.:doze:

as informative as that video is, it also tells criminals a good technique for cutting chains… :confused:

I’m sure any criminal worth his salt would know of such techniques - otherwise they’d be pretty **** criminals lol

Even the local scally kids could probably work out how to use a set of bolt croppers without a youtube video to explain.

I imagine that any 12mm chain would be cuttable with 42" bolt croppers if you can get enough weight behind them, probably 14mm too with a bit of determination. I went for a 16mm chain at home because I figure it’d mean anyone who wanted to cut it would have to resort to something more serious

I went for this, reasonable price but no use if you want to travel with it.

Thanks for your replies everyone.

Pretty s!?t that it only lasted 30 seconds. When i have my bike parked up at home I have my alarm on full sensitivity meaning that if someone even approaches my bike the alarm will go mental. I also chain it up in such a way that nobody can come into my front garden without knocking my bike or setting off the sensors. It will be guaranteed to wake my mum up.

I think when I get my first proper proper bike after my 2 year restriction I will be in a better financial position to get an Almax.

what’s your excess? £250? £500? Say £250.

Have you had any accidents or claims in the past 5 years (as asked by every insurance company come renewal)

Year 1 - insurance an additional £300
year 2 - 200
year 3 - 150
year 4 - 100
year 5 - 50

If your bike gets pinched, will cost you over £1000 in excess and increased premiums. Almax is £150, 19mm chain but more importantly - they just won’t bother, there is easier one’s out there so they will move on.

up to you, but if you can’t afford an almax you DEF can’t afford for your bike to go missing. PS an alarm does nothing when you are all out

I can honestly say I don’t leave home without my bike and when I do I leave it in a mate’s garage 10mins away.

A bike is soon to be my only form of transport.

I think an Almax chain will have to be my xmas present by the looks of it.

I’ve bought my first bike and waiting for it to be delivered…

What chains/locks etc should I invest in?

read this page… the answers are in almost every post!

@ Phillip Schofield’s Mum - Ideally you want an Almax.

Cool - Just looked on their website.

Can get a 1.5m chain, lock and ground anchor for £200 - Ordered.

That’s the bike sorted when it’slocked at home, what about when I go out? just take that badboy chain with me?

I recommend you do. I’ve got a small luggage rack on my bike so I can just twist the chain around it. Might be a slight problem if you have a sports bike.

If you can’t take the whole chain take the lock that comes with it and use it as a disk lock… Having said that it won’t stop someone picking it up.

Invest in an alarm and/or tracker as well.

I have a 2.0m almax, and wouldn’t want to be carrying the thing on my bike! it weighs an absolute ton! I use an oxford chain/lock if i park up in town and get there early so I can chain to a post. There are always 10 other sports bikes not chained to anything so reasonably comfortable they will start with the others before attempting mine.

very true leon.

My chain is only 1m long… once i get my almax i will prob just use that to take with me and keep the almax at home for overnight use.

I’ve got a Datatool S4 Red alarm being fitted to the bike.

I like leon’s idea - make sure my bikes more secure than the rest.

Top tip, you can get the anchor cheaper elsewhere, the package doesn’t make it cheaper at all!