Kriega R35

Hey guys, going to andorra in 2 weeks time for a little blast on the R1 and am considering buying a Kriega R35 rucksack.

These things are nearly 100 quid!!! So before i take the plunge has anyone had any experience with this item?

Currently using a knox aeropack but that is only 25 litres compared to 35 litres for the Kriega.

the best motorcycle backpack on the market by a mile and a half.
I got the 25 but for what I heard from 35 owners, it is good.
Ask Jay, he has a 35 and he does not go anywhere without it as in need all his “toys” :smiley:

I have both 25 and 35 and they’re great. My only gripe on both is the zip could be bigger giving a larger opening (ooerr missus!) to make loading easier, but once adjusted properly on your back and on the move they are fantastic. Fit better for riding than ‘ordinary’ rucksacks and don’t move or flap about. Pricey but worth it IMHO.

For a long distance trip you would be much more comfortable going for a US10 & 20 tailpack combo.

hey mate, well ive got the r25 and its enough for a weekend but struggles to fit much more in than a weekend.

The r35 sounds really good, but dont forget you need to get a drop in waterproof liner!

that is because of all the AAA operated toys to take on with for those weekends…

I’ve got an R35 and tbh i dnt think ill ever need another bag :smiley:

only payed £70 for mine tho. Group discounts!!

5* for Kriega :smiley:

Great product!

I have an R1 but hate carrying luggage on my back, rather let the bike take the strain! I bought a baglux whoppa bag that has customised fittings for different bikes. There is a fitting kit that screws onto your subframe, the zips then sit outside the back seat and the bag zips onto the zips. I tried it out going to Cambridge and I didn’t even feel it was on the bike. And I wasn’t hanging about, lol.

Here’s the puppy

I’ve got an R20 and the US-10 tailpack - both are outstanding.

The backpack’s brilliant: once you’ve got it adjusted properly, you don’t even know you’re wearing it - regardless of how full it is.

i’ve got the R35, recommended off here. design is cool esp. having the weight taken off the shoulders and front chest panel with zip pockets :slight_smile:

Tailpacks are brilliant but the R35 is not great if you’re broad, I find the front pockets/strap sit quite high up on my chest. Try before you buy, with all your kit on inc back protector if you usually wear one.

lay off the weights Steve :wink:

I can’t, it’s addictive :w00t:

+1 for Kreiga. Had an R35 for about 5 years now. Bullet-proof, comfy, good capacity. Not waterproof though, comes with a waterproof liner for laptops, docs etc but anything else you need to keep dry (e.g. clothes on tour) needs to be wrapped in plastic bags.

Recommended. I think I paid about £75 but as I said, that was some time ago.

cheers for the help, went and got one on saturday £90!!!

Off to pyrennes next week!!!

Are group discounts still running lol

ive got an R30 and a US10, both water proof and great products… cant fault them.