Kriega R35 rucksack

Again used once . . too small . . . cost £99, sell for £65 + £5 postage.

Obviously excellent condition . . . same as this one:

Shame since I’m looking for the US20 size. I think I have a 5litre or 10litre one (which is too small).

Is this one for strapping onto the pillion seat or as a back pack?

I can’t work out what they mean by ‘bombproof construction’. It just makes me think strange things…!

This is a backpack :smiley:

How about £50 and I’ll come pick it up?

Why are are you selling?

Angelina X

Already tried that one :frowning:

Because it’s too small, it doesn’t go over my shoulders and chest properly . . .

Yep, already had the **** take offers . . . “Yeah mate, I know it’s already cheap but I want to try to make a tenner selling it on the bay of fleas so let me have it for £50 . . . I know it’s brand new and worth £90 of anybody’s new pounds but I’m a special case” :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Send it back to Kriega and ask them to increase the length of the straps… I bought one and it fitted fine, but then i got some new leathers that had a hump thing at the top of the back and it didnt fit properly, I contacted kriega at the bike show and they said to send it in and they’ll make the straps bigger…

Its a great piece of kit and if you can get it to fit, it would be worth keeping?

My offer of £50 was not because I intended to resell it.
Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Thanks, that’s a brilliant idea ! I didn’t know they would do that. Sorted :smiley:

Yours wasn’t the only reduced offer I had and I’d not want to put anything into your mouth thank you very much ! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough.
Just you might be getting some kind of ’ pervy kick ’ from it.

What size chest are you - this is a serious question as am about 46" and have similar problems:)

No, there’s only one person from LB (not the general membership) who seems to enjoy being rude to people and it’s not you . . . don’t worry, you’d have some way to go to get anywhere near him :smiley:

About a 48.

seriously… less bench presses would save you money :stuck_out_tongue:

That and fewer cakes ;):smiley:

I know a couple of people who have done this and they’ve all been really happy with the turnaround time / service.

Got to be better than losing money on what is a great bit of kit

but as you say less cakes will help too…