Kriega alternatives?

are there any backpacks out there that have the same (or similar) setup to a Kriega? :Whistling:

im referring to the strap that goes across the chest?

**I maybe wrong but i think Sidi do 1 **

you won’t find anything better than the Kriega…

Knox do the Sixpack back pack. I have one and find it fantastic.




I love my US20.

Will swap a Phoenix Summer Jacket for a US10! :wink:

What about two pairs of year old Lidl socks?

They can go in the bin that doesn’t actually need emptying :wink:

you lot (apart from Digger) are not very helpful :stuck_out_tongue: im trying to avoid forking out so much for a Kriega :Whistling:


The most bombproof small rucksack I own, is a twelve year old, Mountain Equipment, 35 litre rucksack. Been around the world, with it. Lost it and found it again down some rapids in the US. Kayaked to Vancouver Islands, amongst killer whales. Went down with my boat off Folkestone. Does the daily commute strapped to my back. Been across a desert, over mountains, down caves. Twelve years on, the chest strap went missing last year, my fault I took it off. The zip on the two small pockets on the waist strap have furred shut from various immersions into the salt. It looks tatty, but it is perfect, and I love it and would not dream of changing it.

they dont seem to do racksacks any more?? :blink:

Shame, found this one but it doesn’t look to be as good.

and its £68 ! :w00t:

+1 maybe a bit big but then I do carry a lot of crap!

The Ride rucksack product test can be seen here:

The Kriega R25 (R35 wasn’t tested) and Ogio No Drag came joint first, with the Knox Six Pack being the runner up.

Although I haven’t used it on a bike, I use a Crux AK30 as a day-to-day bag. I’ve had it for three or four years, and it’s holding up well. It’s made out of a Kevlar reinforced fabric, so pretty tough.

The only problem is that the model’s been discontinued. :crying: