Kreiga 25

looking at a kreiga 25 rucksack, i’ll mostly use it with my textile jacket but was wondering, if i wear my leathers with hump on, will it fit on properly?

My R35 fits fine (BKS leathers) so you should be alrite :smiley:

oh really, how do ya find ya 35?

Well it’s on his back obviously lol

ignore stupid lol…

What do you think of your 35?

Just bought one on saturday for £90!!!:crying:

Going to the Pyrennes next tuesday (19 may for a week). will let you know when i get back:)

I’ve got a R25 and a hump on my leathers, use it everyday on my commute to work - fits just fine and on the bike i dont know its there!!! you can adjust the straps according to how u want the backpack to sit on your shoulders.

Good you asked though cos initially when i went to the LondonMotorcycle Show at the Excel, a Kriega Rep told me the R25 wasnt practical for me cos of my hump and recommended i get the R20.

Well i decided I needed the extra 5litre space and liked the contruction of the R25 compared to the R20, Went to Hein Gericke, tried it on for size and it was great! £80 think it was.

Go to the shop and try it with your leathers on, only way you’ll know for yourself

thanks for the feedback…

I’ve had a knackered old rucksack for years and it’s finally died…

gonna have a butchers in hein gericke tommorrow, seenms alot of money but everyone ravs about them…

I love my Kreiga, still getting used to wearing it though. It doesn’t pull down on your arms/shoulders like a normal rucksack does and I keep panicking thinking I left my stuff at home as I cannot feel that I am wearing it while riding along :D! Excellent bit of kit.

Like a goretex buff in the cold weather - a Kriega is a ‘must-have’ product for biking (generally for guys, as it messes with girls’ t*ts).
I never dreamed I would spend that on a rucksack, but once I got used to I’d pay even more!