KRC Pembrey, 2 July

Dagnammit that was a hot HOT day!!

Long story short… our brakes couldnt decidewether to work or not… one lap, the back end is high in the sky as i’m braking into (er… past) the hairpin, the next lap and i just didnt have the brakes at all… so every rider swap also involved a brake bleed to make the best we could, which obviously lost us loadsa time, but we managed to trail in with another 3rd in class

3rd in class, great result bearing in mind your brake woes, well done

3rd in calss is a great result, congrats to you and the team. It must have been hell riding for so long in that heat as well, the body must have really suffered.

When and where are you next then?

Good work Trouty, bet the heat was a killer!!