KRC Endurance

There is a round of this at Brands on monday 17th. So anyone not going to Thruxton or doesn’t want to get stuck in hordes of bikes going elsewhere, this could be the place. 6 hours of the indy circuit, racing commences at 12:00 with practice in the morning, 9 to 10:30.

Hrm, wonder if it’s televised. I quite like Endurance racing. Thanks Chuffster.

Hope that anyone that came to watch enjoyed the day. Weather was really good, and our team, Ultimate Finish Racing, took 3rd spot in class D (IL4’s to 750cc/twins to 1000cc) - great result seeing as there was a new (and virginal) pit crew, we had a new rider and were on a new bike that we’d only briefly ridden previously!

Daz - #85 GSXR750, Ultimate Finish Racing

ps. thanks to Neil Boyle for the photo, copyright go there and have a look at all the pics! Also check out Neil’s own site, he’s an excellent cameraman and gets to most of the major events!

I enjoyed my time at the race, your team did look quite proficient. Was itching to get out there, reckon indurance racing is more me than this sprint malarchy. Perhaps next year I may manage to wangle a ride somewhere.

just do it. As you saw, there is a lot less hustle bustle first come first to a garage malarky, every team is designated a garage and can have a far more proffessional set up.

you already have a bike, so just club together with a couple of mates and have a go. entry fee’s are much higher, but between 3 people.

last season we were on a gsxr600. we made the tyres last in each race for the whole duration. 6 jerry cans of fuel, a few mates that dont mind helping out in the garage… sorted!

there was an unusual amount of safety car calls at brands, usually 1 or 2 max. i find in general, theres much less of do or die dodgy overtaking because theres hours of racing still to go!

I have to admit, overtaking was usually more track day like, thats overtake in a safe manner or on a straightish bit.

The safety car did seem to come out a few times I have to admit. The one that got me was when everyone was stopped on track while they cleared up the mess at Clearways late on, thought they would at least have kept you lot going round.

The other thing that got me, was the marshalls out there on them road bikes, found that really bizarre?

Not sure about endurance racing an SV, I know there was one there but that must have been hard work. Personally I would prefer to do 600’s but need a team and bike etc. We shall see what happens between now and next season, concentrating on the Mini Twin for now.

Hopefully I shall get to another round of the KRC, I shall come say hello if I do.

Hey, nice one Darren, good solid result huh? The picture looks fab, I’ll have a look over the rest later. I really like the idea of Endurance racing, would love to give it a go. How do you go about it?

Jay, get yerself a race licence for a start. Find a team with a ride or get a bike and create a team. Perhaps you could persuade B to join in and plan for next season? Got to be worth a thought. Plenty of support and help from members on here. What do you reckon? Full LB machine, 5 rounds of racing.

I’d love to, really I would. But the demands of my work and personal life don’t fit with it, unfortunately. Having an LB team would be a good laugh, but it’s a huge commitment, and not one I’d do without being serious about it. Never say never though.

Loved the photos, looking good out there Darren!


I got into endurance when a friend of mine mentioned it to me… he’d had a couple of crap years solo racing with bike problems,called me up and mentioned it… i immediately said ‘YES!!!’ then said, ‘errr, that was what you was gunna ask, right??’ thinking i might have rudely jumped the gun!

Anyways, what emerged was… the team that was formelly called Coyote Racing, split up and 2 of the riders joined other teams. That left Shelley, and a spare pit crew with nothing to ride or pit. So we hooked up. We got a rider, and a crew, that had experience and we learned a lot from them. They went off in their own direction at the end of 2005 to create another team, and we had a couple of our own people that now had a season’s experience to help bring on the new crew.

Our marshall from last season is now mechanicing, and we hope to get him riding later in the year.

We drafted in a 3rd rider, and a reserve! which was just as well cos our 3rd rider bust his wrist a few weeks ago…

You can do it without the support of a dedicated crew, but life is much easier with them!

Come along to a KRC meeting and see how teams work and operate. Dont go into the garages though - time penalties get imposed! (seriously)

yes, i know you do, dave

love, trouty


I must admit its great fun being back on track again and the involvement again with the racing is a real buzz. I wonder whats round the corner next. If you do start a team im sure i can offer some help and have some good contacts. One of them just recently won the last KRC endurance round at Brands. Id love to be out there again but its a big commitment and doing it for fun would be difficult, id want to win.
It`s so easy watching from the armchair nowadays with my tea and biscuits.
Talking of which, make sure you bring plenty to Mallory.

Round 2 was at Snetterton o saturday just gone. Very wet, very windy. trouble was, the rain - one end of the circuit could be dry whilst the other end could be flooded.

We had a crash in practice, one in qualifying (me) and 2 in the race… d’oh! managed to limp home in 3rd place (in class) which leaves us in 3rd in championship 1 point behind 2nd, and 6 points behind 1st.

Round 3 is Pembury

Round 4 Snetterton (unknown length of race as yet)

Round 5 Pembury

I hear that conditions were hell at the weekend and all but three teams crashed in the race. Well done on surviving and keeping your championship hopes alive. Hopefully I shall get to another round before your season finishes.

that is correct, all but 3 teams suffered at least one crash - we only took 3rd place (we were comfortably in 4th) because the 3rd place team ended up on top of the tyre wall in the last hour!

amazingly, there were NO serious injuries, and the pace car only came out once.

A podium finish eh Trouty! That’s good, congratulations! Do you have any pictures?

aye, thats 2 in a row…!

will try to dig out some pics, but it was wet n orrible so may not be very good

edit: should point out that it was 3rd in class, not overall… down in about 20th i think overall compared to 11th overall the previous round.

edit2: pics can be seen here: