Koso clock settings for R6 HELP

Just trying to fit a new KOSO clock to my friends R6 ut it seems to be reading at ridiculous speeds (225MPH JUST IN 1st GEAR :crazy: )

Im trying to wire it on via the crank case sensor using the 3 wires, the guy we got it from doesnt really know much about fitting it.

So im on here in the ope that my fellow LBrs can point me in the right direction.

Its a 1999 R6

Is the wheel size settings correct on the unit ?

from what we have understood from it,

Tire circumference is 197cm so from what we understood we had to put 1970 into the unit…

Is the bike turbocharged with nos? :smiley:

No lol

Why such a random Q?

I think you might have to set the just wheel circumference rather than including the tyre in the measurement as well.

Tyre profiles can be different, but your wheel size will always be the same.

I’d be interested to see if this works out, I hope to be doing the same thing at some point :wink:

Instructions show its the tyresize you have to check…

It shows that you should mark a point on thewheel/tyre (I.e Valve) push the bike forward until the valve is in the smae place and measure the distance on the ground…

try 197?

is the speed set in KPH?
Are the settings set in another measurement setting? Like cm, instead of meters, inches instead of mm’s. You get the picture.
Might need some translation to get correct value for the 197/1970 measurement

:pinch: sorry, I was thinking something completely different.

Are you required to set the distance of the speedo pickup from the centre of the hub?
How will speed be calculated by knowing the circumference alone? (kind of a question for Koso, I know)

@ Lew - I think there’s a missing apostrophe in your ‘tag line’.

its because your useing the crank sensor and dileing front wheel mesurement you nees to be puting in the mesurement from one rotation of the crank witch would be to much hassle to work up lol just run a maganet to the wheel

Good point!

AHHHHH! that makes sense!

Cheers bud


I believe that is consistent with the Yamaha press briefing material, that and 400BHP.