Knox vs Forcefield

So who prefers what?

I’ve got a forcefield back protector and upgraded all my textile’s armour for the forcefield stuff…

I know a lot of people rate Knox quite highly… I got a pair of trousers that came with Knox armour and it seemed a bit thin and basic to me…

What’s the opinion of London’s finest bikers?


Funny enough that’s the question I’m interested in finding the answer to as well… I went last week to try and get the Forcefield back protector but found the straps very uncomfortable (they cut into my armpit)… whether that’s the design or a poor sales guy I don’t know…

Also in terms of tech, the Forcefield feels very weird when first worn on but apparently it softens as you have it on…?

I have a forcefield back protector that i rate highly use for road but have a knox upper body suit use for stunts but hopefully getting a forcefield one soon so can get back to you then but most people i know rate forcefield higher then knox also have you checked out Held they are doing body armour too…

I’ve got some Knox Knee and shin protectors… Cross Guard I think they’re called!

Good under jeans and stuff, not too bulky and pretty comfy.

I go with what’s comfy and easy to fit… otherwise eventually I know I’d find an excuses not to use it.

With the tech nowadays most of the top brands are pretty close… Knox and Forcefield being the two I’d look at first I think.

I like the Knox back protector because it is very slim and comfortable - you hardly know your wearing it - I have no idea how good it is as a protector but it seems to get good ratings off those in the know.

I have a knox back protector, I like the way it moves with the spine, the look of it too, shell like, means I can pretend Im a teenage mutant ninja turtle:laugh: