Knox half price SALE

As it was chilly under the leathers coming in this morning, I thought I’d use my time in the office productively and look for some new undies (of the totally unsexy, practical kind, sadly). My old Knox stuff is getting a bit moth eaten, so looking on their webbysite, it appears that some of their base layers are a fantastic half price at the moment. In the interest of keeping all you fellow bargain hunters comfy under your bike gear, here’s the link:

I used to have knox passion killers
now I use tescos & Aldi base layers & thermals

‘‘I used to have knox passion killers’’ - You should get a size smaller: they can be quite alluring in a weird, slightly warped kind of way when they’re nice and tight.

Other than being a self confessed label snob, (which MIGHT, possibly explain why I’m permanently skint…) I do actually prefer the Knox longjohns to cheaper alternatives as they have the extra panel around the knee, which means they don’t bunch up quite as much.

I like the Aldi stuff, makes you look like Tron :slight_smile:
Otherwise the Underarmour gear is very good!

Lidle/Aldi underlayers are absolute quality!

+1 for Aldi.

Last Aldi mo’cycle special I treated meself to a compression suit (long Johns & vest), a base layer suit (trousers & shirt), two packs of two pair knee high socks, two packs of two pair ankle socks. Absolute bargains on a cheap as chips budget and warm as toast to boot . All set now to trade in the passion in for ham, egg, chips and beans (sans oeuf) unless you know of any desperate redheads :wink:

Pity that most items aren’t in the sale.
My gloves (Zero’s) have finally come to the point of needing to be replaced, so now been looking at other options. The Zero 2’s look alright, and better at zipping up.

FYI, when signing up to their online newsletter, you get a 10% discount code valid against the first order you make

1+ for the label snob! Me to.
but then we know my taste in shoes for the baby!

+2 for Aldi/Lidl but its only once a year. All year round Google thethermalshop - it’s the EDZ sale website - last year’s designs cheaper than the shops. Get a yeti for winter v cheap

Hmmm, I seem to be getting the vibe that Knox undies (and gloves and whatnots) are low down on nearly everyone’s shopping list. Pah, you have no taste. LoL.

(Although I have to admit that the only reason why I’ve got a shed load of Knox stuff is because it was in the end of line sale and it was ridiculously cheap :slight_smile: )

thethermalshop Googled and the fridt thing I see is

Triumphs AND redheads??? Im surprised your hands aren’t shaking so much that you can still post x

Mmmm I’d have had a pair of those gloves, I’m in need of some, mine have holes on the palm (no jokes please) but they’re out of stock. Boo

Another +2 for Aldi base layers, me and MetalRed use them.

Another plus for Lidl base layers. I think they were about £13 each for the top and bottom. Even if they only last the summer, that’d still be good value. But at present, they holding up better than my ProSkins.