Know of anywhere in N Lon that...

can put in a stud to hold my downpipes in place. I had a stud holding one of my downpipes but the stud came out and I tried to put in a bolt but it just turns. Any ideas?


Sounds like the thread has stripped.

If ya do it yourself then you need a recoil kit. Can be tricky to do, not really recommended if you got no basic mechanic skills.

Have done it myself before but not on a bike, real barsteward with all the other gubbins in the way.

Best bet is major bike dealer with full workshop facilities so ya got some come back if owt goes wrong. Or engineering factory.

Will put my feelers out for you.

As stated above, sounds as though you have stripped the thread. What you are after is a helicoil kit, not cheap and not easy to put in place, especially as its tucked right up at the front of the engine. You need to drill out the hole to get the helicoil kit to fit. I think that even if you took it somewhere with the technical expertise to do the job for you that they would want the part out of the bike. So thats an engine out or strip the head off.

Not sure if there is anyone on here that could do the job for you.

Theres a guy in Uxbridge middlesex that can repair this for you, il try get his number for you Snap.

These guys in Hanwell might be able to help…

as they are primarily a workshop that makes bolts as a side line, rather than a shop.