Know Flash Video?

If anyone here is experienced with Flash video can they speak up, I want a chat :slight_smile: Thanks!

Edit: Also interesting in hearing from people with FFMPEG experience.

I’ve got experience of GFIAC and a bit GSIAC if that helps, interesting stuff. Did try HASWIAC once but gave upon it as a lost cause, too difficult. :wink:

I’m not familiar with those, what are they?

Do you still need help with that?

I’m working with a Silverlight solution at the moment, the Flash thing is on hold, it was a right pain in the butt. What do you do, or have an interest in?

Silverlight! - brhghghgh, I had a look and figured that it would be best left to others!

I’m a Flash developer, I’ve done a fair amount with flv’s - the video player on Maxim’s website was my effort. Don’t know what you want to do, but I’ve never had too many issues with flash video - it’s picky and can be annoying but it can generally be sorted.

Sling me an email with a spec and I’ll have a look at least.

The encoding is the trouble-some part. Flash is an extraordinarily well developed platform, not something I’m current on, but there’s load of skills out there.

The Maxim site is well done, so respect :slight_smile:

Silverlight looks good to me, as it uses the same skills more or less that I have an investment in currently. It looks a lot more open and extensible than Flash, but as it’s new, it’ll take a while to start to see some good applications coming out, but I’m looking at a simple yet impacting project currently.

I’ll post up here as things develop. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Cheers, I only did the video players and the rolling idents - wasn’t there long enough to do much!I had a long history in asp stuff myself, but the .net approach never made much sense, so now I’m in a java/flash place and there is no room for anything microsoft. Silverlight does have huge potential with the .net framework behind it, but I’ve been building flash for a stupidly long time now so it would be stupid for me to switch :crazy:There is pretty much one good way to encode flv - get cs3 and use the bundled encoder and aim for v8 export. Use basic avi/mov files as source and job done. Failing that premiere or after effects are pretty decent too. Try and avoid the third party ones if you can, the metadata that gets embedded in the file is pretty sensitive and it can make a mess of the final video players.Just realised that you might be wanting to do all this server-side, and yeah, pretty difficult - has some good advice, but it all runs to the expensive end. Server side stuff is generally beyond me, so maybe silverlight is a better option for you.

Yes, server-side is what I’m looking at. I already have a prototype system running but it’s complex and requires much maintenance. MS have massively splified the whole process with Silverlight as the presentational layer to boot.

The winter could be a good time to stay indoors, watch this space :slight_smile:

I’ve not looked into Silverlight yet. How much access do you have to its controls and components like you do in an ASP.NET form? (Or better still, a webform).