Know anyone that wants to get their License.......

If they’re up for a challenge, they could have a go at this… :cool:

- London to Misano

-125 Pound budget

-125 Motorbike

- 1000+ miles

Oh… And here’s a Linky thing to their site :Wow:

im well gutted kinda wish i ddient have a provisional and cbt already id love to do that

that is some challenge all right,with only 125 pounds or euros? WOW! go for it!

£30 for ferry charge £50 for petrol only a ybr 125 they get like 200 miles to a tenner that leaves £40 for food and as its only going to be mabey 4 days worth of rideing thats a tenner a day and a tin of beans are what 40p XD sounds doable to me

Only 3 days riding Ross?!

That’s almost 350 miles a day on a 125cc when you’ve not ridden before - don’t think that would be much fun to be honest.

i have fat fingers ment to press 4 XD

and there geting put throw training and geting a full licence before they go in september so plenty of experiance will be gained by then

Are you allowed to pack loads of rations in a tank bag instead of taking clean socks? Sounds feasible. :slight_smile: