Know any good repair shops?

Can anyone recommend a good repair / paint shop? (recommendations are always best!) I have some “fairly light” damage to some fairing on my bike and need to get a cost for repairs as new fairing costs a bomb!

Cheers people


this might help mate

Cheers Gix, nice avatar

no worries,i hate that frog,it was funny the first time,and the second and third,started to wear a bit thin after the tenth,now if i hear it anymore i think i’ll take the place of the frog

Cheers Rod I live in Beckenham mate so I thonk Bucks is a bit far for me that bikesource looks pretty good though, I think (hope) my fairing is probably rapairable when I get time I’ll put a couple of pics of the damage so you guys that have a clue can maybe tell me.

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now dont shoot me if im wrong,cause its been about 7 or 8 yrs since i lived in the area,but the boys in premiers in w.wickham high st used to be a wealth of knowledge,and used to point me in the right direction from time to time,as did the old boy in the bike shop on elmers end roundbout,and there used to be a spares/breakers down mapple rd in penge,he might know of somewhere local

Cheers guys, I use Premiers’ for my services so they are pretty good, well seem to be at least. I’ll check the other places though.

Thanks again for the advice.