Know a South London welder anyone?

The weld has gone on the left hand fairing stanchion between the plate the mirror screws into and the stanchion. Under the weight of the mirror, the top fairing is flexing and it’s starting to split the screen.

I’ll take the mirror off for the time being, but does anyone know a South London welder I can pop to and get the weld fixed? Job would probably only take 5 mins.



Alpha Welding

Barnacle Works, Bensham Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2RQ

Tel 0208 684 3811

i havent used them myself but a mate has and was happy with there service.

+1 hes a diamond welded up my dads engine when the cam chain went flying

Thanks guys. I’ll give them a shout.


if you can weld i have an arc welder you can have a go with, am in se london.