Know a Good Suzuki SC - Share It!

Morning fellow LBers!

Can anyone recommend a good Suzuki Service Centre within a few hundred miles of London? I’m based in London so I want to get out of the ‘big smoke’ to save some cash.

It’s going to be the ‘big one’ on my 1000 K6 so I thought I would make a rideout of it.

Tell me the good guys or name and shame…


I’ve heard mixed review about West London Suzuki
WheelPower is a little overpriced and customer service isn’t great
Infinity are all the same

Steve jordan motorcycles, in little bookeham right by boxhill, call them ask for sarah.

Aye what he said…

Cheers Guys, I didn’t get to speak to Sarah but they offered my a fair price of £250 inc. parts, labour and VAT.

Does anyone have any experience with
BikersWorld in Northants
Bridge Motorcycles in Exeter
(Insert suggestion here!)

I’d second the backing of Steve Jordan’s.

Wheel Power always made me feel like I was an inconvenience. Never really got on with them.

If it doesn’t have to be an approved dealer, the guy underneath Vauxhall Bridge is a good option. In fact, he’s a good option for most things. This isn’t Metropo-piss, this guy is under an arch under the railway line in the middle of the circular traffic flow. He’s a bit tucked away but a trustworthy fellow - which is hard to come by.

Prices are pretty standard around the country so you really need recommendation for service quality e.g. not making up things which need fixing and doing the checks properly!

George Whites in Slough are ok they do mine and im a pain for perfection.

Another big thumbs up for Steve Jordan - used them for number of years now and buy my bikes from them to.
Always looked after me ok

Good family run business, which should be supported

Another vote for Steve Jordan, it also just happens to be set in the prettiest part of the south east with some of the best bike roads…although watch out for plod at the roundabout at the top of the hill as you approach Bookham