Know a good dirt bike school?

I’m a newbie to the bike world and am trying to play ‘catch up’ with you guys on the experiance front. Riding a sportsbike I’ve done a Bike Safe, quite a few track days, I’m going to the CSS and I read all the material I can get my heands on. Oh as well as communting though London every day which is pretty good training!!

Although I want to go in the direction of the track people say I should go out on a dirt bike to get comfortable with sliding the bike and improve my balance and machine control. Does anybody have any recomendations of good dirt bike schools or general tips?

Whilst I’ve been doing motocross photography for the past year, I’ve been tempted to have a go myself. I’ve been looking at courses on this website

They have one school down near Brighton

Like the look of the course in Bolton! Long way though.

tony-moto do trainning courses , im not sure if they have bike’s to use or you have to take your own , i did the greg hanson 3 days and it was awsome !

try this guy I did a half day with him last year and it was a hoot !

Done a day here a few years ago, quite expensive for the time you got on the bike but awesome experiance all the same

I did the Yamaha one last week. It was a track down in Winchester - but according to the trainers Brighton has the best facilities.It was a lot of fun and you wont have trouble picking any of it up quickly with your experience.

There were many different rider levels with kids that had never ridden before through to a couple of confident riders that were caning it.

It was hard work and I am still acheing today - 3 days later - its very physical so expect pain later.

Its expensive though for what it is - a day ragging bikes on a dirt track - £175… running from 10 - 3.30. You will be knackered in this time no doubt.

The last time I was on a dirt bike was around 20 years ago but I enjoyed it - Motorcross isnt for me - I think I’d prefer enduro or greenlaning. The jumps are a little to repetative for me and the body a little unfit to cope.

I learnt more about keeping the front on the ground though and it was fun stepping the back out under power. The techniques we learnt were focused more on body positioning to keep us safe.

Trying different bikes was fun - 125s, 250s and 450s. The 250 was suited more to the track and was easier to throw about.

I’m doing the Golden Barn (near Brighton) one in October.

Gmonsta what was the supplied kit like? thinking of taking some of my own just in case…

The best offroad training money can buy:

Run by Geraint Jones, ex world enduro champion

Hi FolksWe run Off Road Motorbike Trail Riding in Andalusia Southern Spain. We provide tuition; use very good Honda XR250’s for begginers.

09/01/2008 20 Degrees outside.

Anyone interested in joining us end of May for B’day Party in Marrakesh, drop us a line.[email protected]Roger

There is an enduro training day next week 18/19/20 Jan at Weavers Down run by the same guys from the Yamaha experience,it caters for the begineers up to experts, they split you up into groups and you generally have four sessions tackling all sorts of obstacles and shown the correct way to ride all different terrain£75 on your own bike or there are some WR’s to hire on the day ( £100 )

I would highly recommend the Yamaha School at Golding Barn (West Sussex). Still REALLY ache after my day yesterday, but it was well worth it. I have always wanted to try off road and it was a completely different kettle of fish from riding the Hornet on road!!

The instructors were excellent, extremely good at building confidence, we all started off on the ‘baby’ track for a few rounds and then graduated onto the main track, which was quite a challenge, with steep slopes, twists and jumps. I came off a number of times, especially after the rain, when the track was very muddy and it was easy to lose control of the bike and slide over round the corners. However, no one was hurt, everyone enjoyed it and there were all age groups represented. I even managed a few jumps by the end :w00t:

It took me a while to get used to the bike, being quite a bit taller than mine (I’m 5 foot five) and I found changing gear in off road boots was a little more tricky.However, the instructors were excellent.

I would absolutely recommend this school for beginners to off roading - it really is good for people who want to try it out for the first time - although a rainy day can make the track very slippy and slidey. It also really hones your skills too for ‘on road’ riding.

Luckily am still in one piece !! :slight_smile:

Hey man… check this off-road school out, its local to Dartford.

Hi Guys! Enduro training, and enduro tour weekends in Hunngary! Check this out!

yeah they do it at golding barn.

not the easiest track to ride. its slick with a solid base so its slippy when wet. hurts when you fall off too…not to put you off or anything :w00t:

I know this is an old thread but here goes anyway.

I have taken over the running of the MX tryout @ TonyMoto in Hampshire [Nr Winchester]

For a bit more info on me and my background with off road motorcycling take a peek here

Here’s a pic of a day earlier in the month, MX is even more fun in the wet! :slight_smile:



Hi. depends what you want from a school, a good way to learn is to go to a practice track watch other riders, ask them for advice, the more you ride the better you get, stick to your limits and progress, training days are good but cost you loads. depends where you are, if your planning on going to essex mx, wildtracks, mildonhall, rushmere or elsworth give me pm or maybe get a few of us together and ile help with the basics, ive been racing a while, motocross, supercross etc won a couple of championships and help some riders with teaching and bike prep. dont just watch the top riders watch everyone, you will a learn alot and its free, :wink:

Wales (all of it ) is quite good !! and yes that is a 600 Bandit in the background !!! :smiley: