Knockoff kriega from China

Wanted a US20 but can’t afford it? I just bought one of these and it’s exactly the same as missus groovy’s kriega luggage in feel and quality. Straps, buckles and clasps are identical. Lining is velcroed into the outer and isn’t waterproof, it might fade in the sun and it doesn’t have the warranty support but sod it, for the price I can put my things in a bin liner.

I saw that on Ebay a couple of days ago. It’s probably made in the same factory that Kriega gets its stuff made. If I didn’t have so much Kreiga kit, I would buy that.

I’ve heard it said that the factories out there make the branded stuff during the day and unbranded during the night shift when they’re meant to be closed. I’m going to water test mine then get another to have a matching pair.

For that price it almost works out cheaper to buy this just to get replacement straps!

I looked at the link earlier today and I’m sure they were about £13. Just shown it to a friend and the link now has them at £44!

Yup, same here…

well it seems I’ve buggered myself buying a second one then!

Surely it can’t be that the site detects increased traffic so puts the price up?

Wouldn’t put it past them to notice many people browsing it from a specific link source

You’ll struggling to beat this price for a 20L dry bag even if you do have to by Rok Straps to go with it.

Including postage they’re now just under £20, which is quite tempting. I’d actually like a new Kreiga rucksack if there’s a knock off version of one of those :slight_smile:

Lomo kit works

Yep, also liking the Lomo kit. Got one of their 60ltr dry bags which happily swallows a tonne of camping gear, and also got a Lomo tank bag to review for my blog, wife’s only gone and commandeered it, now using it everyday on and off bike, like a new handbag!

Price is low, but is in USD. I bought some T-shirts rrom the states and got stung by import duty. So a €15 t-shirt ended up costing another £10 in duty. The fckers charged me as much for handling the duty as the duty itself.

So I’d defo seek them out from a UK site if possible.

You can change the currency at the top of the page.

Hey how did you get on with them bags?

Still going strong, still not letting any water in and they’re on the bike every day

Mine has fallen apart, still got a few years out of it

is that the one with holes in where you crashed on it?

Never crashed on it, but it was on the back dirt biking.

Tbf it lasted alright considering it was £20, and it didn’t become unsecure (yet) but fraying at the edges, and straps coming loose.

Now replaced with a lomo stuff, which is really good and not particularly expensive.