Knocking sound from Chain

I’m getting a random knocking sound from my chain, but only when I pull away so chain is under a little stress, maybe about one or two definite knocks a second. Once above 30mph I cant hear but maybe thats because its drowned out?

Its well lubricated and the adjustment is ok.The bike is a Kawasaki Versys with 9000 miles on it.

Anybody any ideas? Thanks in advance to anybody that answers.

you’ve either overtightened the chain. Or youve got a couple of siezed links. You might get away with giving it a good going over with WD40 then cleaning it off and lube it. But if its propper foooked just get a new chain and sprockets. most plaes now will do a standard set for £100 notes or go posh and buy a gold chain and good sprockets for about £150

Sounds like a dodgy link, but you might want to double check you haven’t lost a tooth off the sprocket and chech for cush drive play:)

Thanks will take a look for those

might be worth taking a video or sound clip and posting a link from putfile website or similar.

another possibility could be bearings gone in the back wheel - when mine went i also thought it was coming from the chain…just a thought