Knocked off

Knocked off this morning in the rain. Filtering slowly down right hand side of stationary traffic when van next to me turns right without indicating and clears me up.

More or less ok. Bike scraped a bit down left hand side, and clutch lever broken. Steering now out of alignment. Left boot scraped up to hell and left glove all torn up.

Ho hum.

damn, glad you’re ok though.

Man that sucks, glad to hear you are ok.

Van drivers… Glad you’re alright though and hopefully everything will get sorted out.

thanks all.

this guy’s boss rang me later and was making out like he wanted to sort it out between us. but with the steering out of whack and it (presumably?) being this guy’s fault i’d rather it gets sorted on insurance.

Good news you’re walking and talking. The steering out of alignment is probably just the need to re-set the forks in the yolks, an easy fix, but do get the whole bike checked over first hand by a suitably qualified professional. If you’re 100% certain there’s no personnel injury then get quotations for everything that is damaged including the bike, boots, gloves and any other clothing that’s damaged. You can also claim for any other losses and/or expenses incurred while running around to get everything sorted out including any loss of earnings. At the end of the day you should not be out of pocket in any way. Present your total losses to the third party for re-reimbursement of your losses, whether the claim goes through the third party’s insurance is their decision not yours.

Thanks. One of those where you wonder whether you are in the wrong for overtaking near a junction, but as a stationary queue of traffic it is legal and probably expected. He just did not check his mirrors…

Assuming you can see that all points of that junction are clear and it is safe to do so. Being involved in a collision whilst making the overtake may be seen by some as unsafe to overtake in the first place. Failing to check mirrors or, signal or, look prior to making a turn would be Careless Driving.

Overtaking vans, or any large vehicle, in queuing traffic where you can’t see what lays immediately in front of them requires to be done with extra caution. If you watch advanced motorcyclists doing this you’ll notice they virtually stop before passing.

Make sure you go to a good bike repairer for an estimate. The difference between presenting the estimate to the third party or the third party’s insurer is. Quite often when the bike is stripped down for repair other expenses can occur with unseen broken parts at the estimate stage. The third party will probably argue this was not on the estimate. The Insurance company will usually agree with it as long as it is reasonable. If you go down the route with the third party just make them aware of this.

Thanks for the advice guys. Carole Nash have got Plantech(sp?) picking it up Friday morning, taking it to Dudley for assessment and repair on my behalf to claim from 3rd party insurance. Hopefully they will do a propoer job.

Carole Nash have their own repair shop, they did a grand job on my VFR a few years back.

Thanks for that fatshoutybloke - good to know

So third party insurers have declared my Honda cb500x a category D write off (not worth the expense of repairing). I’ve also had two separate garages give estimates and that looks to be accurate.

The other side’s insurers offered 1500 scrap and a 2800 cheque. I don’t think this would cover the cost and hassle of getting a new bike and am Going to tell them to up their offer.

I understand they want to stop the hire of the bike I’m on at the moment as it is ££££.

Anyone had any experience of this? Any success?

Next question is what new bike! I’m 6’7 and lanky and don’t want to spend more than 5k.

I’ve seen a nice bmw f800st from 2012 (belt driven) and I know I can get a decent Honda CB 650, which is the bike I learned on.

Any advice?


you can get alot for £5k out there, including a (nearly) brand new CB500 X!

I know! Here

I liked this bike a lot, but it felt limited on the motorway and 1st gear was very short, so always planned to change it at 18months - hand has been forced…

Hire bike warning! If you reject their offer and at a later date a Court rules in their favour that the offer was fair then you’ll be responsible for the bike hire from the date you rejected their offer.

The insurance company will value your bike at market value by what’s on offer in the market place by checking sites like unless your bike was well above average or had some special modifications, accessories or upgrades then their valuations in most cases are pretty accurate. That’s not to say you can’t haggle and squeeze them for a little more but you’ll need to demonstrate that your bike was worth that little more and produce evidence of the fact, evidence that will stand up in Court. In the meantime you’re possible at risk of having to pay some of the hire bike costs if you can’t justify rejecting their claim.

What about the other damages, boots, gloves etc. you need to claim for them too? The bottom line is you shouldn’t be out of pocket in any way. Although if your gloves cost £100.00 and have a life expectancy of 5 years and they’re 3 years old expect an offer of c £40.00 to reflect that, same with boots etc.

All this assumes the third party and/or their insurers have admitted they’re100% at fault. Are you being offered £2,700.00 with the option of buying the bike back at a salvage value of £1,500.00 or are you being offered £4,300.00? I don’t understand why the offer includes the salvage (scrap) value.

So check out your exact bike, make, model, year, mileage on and see what the lowest priced ones are going for. That’ll be the market value, of course if they happen to be 100’s of miles away you can expect to be offered a reasonable, c£100 delivery charge on top of market value

+1 on the hire bike warning. plantec tried to fuck me on that before.

Thanks National Treasure. I’m being offered £2800 cheque and the bike back that has estimated scrap value of £1500 to make up to their estimated £4400 value of the bike. Plantec are seeing whether TPI will scrap the bike for me and give me the £1500 and have said if I find look for salvage and can’t get the TPI estimate of 1500 then TPI must pay to make up the amount.

It’s no prejudice - awaiting liability admission.

I’ve challenged the amount (but not rejected) and supplied evidence of a similar bike at more (in the link above) I’m awaiting their response.

Good point on kit. The gloves were £130 and 1 day old! Trousers got friction burned and boots scraped up - both 3 months old. But that’s a separate issue to Plantec and hire bike.

ask yourself if you think you could get the bike back and repair it and sell it for more than £1500 (if you can be bothered).
you’d likely have to pay for them to deliver it back to you though.

thanks. I think I’ll ask them to match the total value of the bike in the above link ie 4700.