Knobs in yellow jackets


So is your issue not what they are doing its where they are doing it?

Thing is sometimes as a driver\rider we may not realise that others may come piping thru.

where I live there is a road that goes through our estate joining two B roads, and vehicles come through as if they are on a track. The residents are full of kids including mine and during summer they are out in force. One might think clearly this is a built up area, no one will dare speed, so no need for enforcement.

I guess one can argue do you wait until someone gets knocked over then to decide, right its a point of concern let do something, or if you see its starting to get hot you try to do something about it.

Why do you think there is not concern for speeding in the area where they are camped out?

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My issue is that they are knobs. The sort of person who enjoys playing at being plod. Knobness personified.

One example, they were out by the walls (a spot near me) on a Friday night. A Friday night ffs. This is their idea of fun, no more, no less. Otherwise there is no way they would be doing it during leisure time.

They can hide behind trying to make the roads safer, but that is not imho their motivation. It is to play at being the local plod. Sad twunts who were almost certainly picked on at school.

You ain’t changing my view of this lot!!

The issue here is that you are outsourcing police work to ill motivated, poorly and sloppily trained, not monitored and obviously biased

It also is a great way of masking austerity and cuts by getting normal people to do police work. It sets a really bad precedent, if you can issue fines, why not other police work like getting people to investigate each others crimes? Normal people are not police, just like they are not judges (police or people).

There have already been cases of reliability of these laser guns when used by properly trained people, and now we want to get someone who’ll store it in their living room? How can you ensure that the fines are accurate and proportionate, especially in a system where arguing against a laser is extremely difficult.

Beyond this I do not want to live in a society where you turn one person against the next, with legal ramification. As BL says, this is not someone acting out of public safety, it’s someone who gets a kick off authority…


@Serrisan @Michael

If I lived in a street where I was genuinely afraid for my kids’ safety due to speeders, I’d simply get together with a couple of others neighbours and park our cars to force people to slow down.

Way more effective, 100% legal and I wouldn’t be playing at plod (as these guys love to)

Knobbers all day long

In our area, the local residents made a case to the council and persuaded them to install speed humps.

Again, this will be much more effective (or other speed calming measures could be used) than a bunch of bored muppets issuing tickets


Not trying to change your view, but you do sound like they stole your kidneys, pierced your lungs and flooded your house :rofl: :rofl:

@Serrisan, I partially see where you are coming from about getting normal people to do police work, but I think there is a lot of merit in such an approach if done right, after all neighbourhood watch is such a scheme and when done right it works!

Yup the speed bumps is the option I have thought of and pitched the idea to a few. Just to get a few more and find our way to the council offices.

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It is quite normal to ride on roads through villages with parked cars reducing it to the width of one usable lane.

And half of the time an oncoming car driver thinks the correct action is not to stop and wait, not to go slow, but to continue up the middle of the space, keeping a greater distance from nearside parked cars than from me.

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Its all down to bad choices. If you want a quite life buy your home with that in mind. If you buy a home on the main road in through route village then don’t complain its not safe for your children or that there’s too much traffic. Some folk just like whinging.

Sure 30 should be 30 but there are places and times where that 30 limit is inappropriate. Its not the speed that kills as much as the inattention and distraction of drivers.

You just made so many assumptions in your statement. First, house not on a main road, second roads were built after the fact to reduce congestion, and I want a safe life. And how is voicing a concern whinging, so is your view to keep quiet when something affects you?

I never implied traffic is the issue, if that’s what you mean by a quiet life, of course cars are going to drive through, it’s the speed at which they do.

There is no excuse for speeding through a built up area, none, what reason can you possibly have for belting through an area where you can clearly see residents and kids about.

Also speed kills it’s been proven time and time again, reaction distance between 30 and 40 and 50mph…can be all the difference. You can be the most attentive driver shit happens…a car door opens, someone steps out from the curb and that’s it.

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Shakes head, slow down there (see what I did there) its your assumption not mine. If you didn’t buy you home on a main road in a through route village then none of the above applies to you except the ‘It isn’t speed that kills’ bit.

Well it isn’t the speed that kills, sure there are many instances and cases where speed does in fact kill but there is no real evidence to apply a blanket cause to the majority of deaths on our roads to speeding. Think of the all time classic statement following the over whelming majority of collisions ‘I didn’t see…’ or ‘Suddenly…’. So why didn’t all these drivers/riders see or when they did see it appeared to them to be sudden? Clearly they were or should have been looking where they were going including scanning the road ahead for hazards, could it be that they had their attention distracted?

Well no one else in this thread mentioned the through route bits so who else…anyways

It’s not a blanket statement but think about it, at 30mph and you get distracted for what ever reason, you have a lot more time to react vs if you were going at 50mph. Even if you were paying attention “Suddenly” at a higher speed is an o shit moment that you can’t really do anything about. By the time you think about reacting it’s two late.

On the motorway you need the 2 sec rule to keep a safe distance, on say a 40mph zone you dont cause again you have much more reaction time.

Shall we simply leave it as all factors contribute I think it speed you think its attention, so I will try and slow down while you pay attention that way every one wins :slight_smile: :joy:

Win win although I’m getting older and wiser as each year passes so I’ll probably be slowing down too.

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No, you would have exactly the same amount of time to react: two seconds.

(Also, at 40 mph the two second rule matches the recommended stopping distance, but at 70 mph two seconds is only two thirds of the stopping distance).


Sorry I didn’t fully explain my view.

You are absolutely correct you will have 2 secs to react, but in both cases when you bring speed into the equation, it almost halves the distance to impact, add that to fact that your vehicle’s physical stopping distance is also reduced…(skidsssss) , plus our simple brains only able to process so much just adds to it.

My simple overall view is that speed just adds a lot to the general equation :slightly_smiling_face:

I bet these wannabe plods are Tory supporters who voted for police cuts and don’t see the irony in this.


Skidsssssssssss. What are they? I would regularly lock up the rear wheel on the Triumph, since swinging my leg over The 250 with its combined braking system and ABS I’ve not yet managed to lock up the rear wheel once.

they have neaver realy bothered me
because of police numbers its a better use of resoruces if there are people willing to volunteer to do speed watch and other mumdane tasks & let police officers try to deal with more pressing tasks

Being neither a “Tory or Labour Supporter” but working for alot of local goverments, a sad fact little mentioned is if you look at the areas under “Labour Control” they are most of the deprived areas in the UK, & thats not just with a “Tory” goverment in power, they certainly know how to waste money from my point of view

Isn’t a lot of that systemic, former mining and industrial areas that have never recovered from the Thatcher policy of winding down the coal and steel industries being Labour voting? If you don’t have the economy to drive the investement then it becomes tough.

I’m not saying that councils don’t waste money, but you won’t fix structural deprivation with a tiny amount of cash when you have central government running a policy of eradicate the poors.

Isn’t it a fact that the most deprived areas in the country are where the highest rates of unemployment and lowest incomes are?

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