Yes you lot!

Hows your oil changes going???

they’re not changes per se for me… at the moment they’re more top-ups :smiley:

I can hear a distant BOOM coming from your location.

That JasonB learnt to wheelie yet?

Waht about Terry? He been released? Or was that Sneaky? :smiley:

DRB is lurking, keen to see his rapid-mobil!

… soooo much easier to do oil changes on my 500 :smiley:

does that mean you’ll come and do mine as well? :smiley:

No ( wouldn’t know how to :slight_smile: ) , it means now I change oil even if it doesn’t need changing :pinch:

If only it was as simple as oil changes for me!

Currently my SXV is in about as many pieces as you could get a motorbike in.

Frame, swingarm, subframe going to be powdercoated. Engine out for valve adjustments, new cups/buckets and all covers also being powdercoated.

New throttle bodies, new airbox, new wiring harness.

Might get to ride it again at some point in the future!

Got factory ktm 108mm sm setup to go on very soon and vdb clamps

need to take it more easy on green lanes i think lol

I know that feeling from greenalanes… both my rims have something similar (though a bit bigger on the front!) :smiley:

Oil changes??? I get my overall clad man to do those sort of jobs

WTF? Thats a new bike!:blink::alien::unsure:

Don`t talk to me about oil changes.:angry:

My bike don`t use oil.:blink:

Well it is a 2006 Sneaky, ex race bike so was proper thrashed…some of the bits I got weren’t 100% necessary but there were deals on ebay too good to miss :wink:

As I have a 990 SMT does that make me a knobber that travels? :smiley:

just means your not allowed here and need to foooook off to the adv section :smiley:


to this

£75 inc tyre removal & re-fit, ballanced and spray black where damaged:cool:

Proper job! You need a new sticker tho now :wink:

Only if I get ally luggage and nobbly tyres

marchesini stickers are £5 on ebay. again so wheels can look like marchesini :smiley:

kev think its time to bcr the smt :slight_smile:

Once repaired. :smiley: