KnightRider vs StreetHawk

You can’t ride a car… shouldn’t the bike series have been called KnightRider and the car series: StreetHawk?!

Perhaps they were playing on the fact the car drives itself? And the Hoff was along for the ‘ride’?

Streethawk was a really **** name. Where did the hawk come from?

yeah makes some sense, but I think its trade misdescriptions :smiley:

no idea where the hawk bit came from…

i can’t think of better things to do with an XR500 though…! I think that about tops it!

I remember watching both. But I don’t remember the bike being that ugly. As for the car, always thought Mad Max’s Interceptor was far cooler.

Good call! Ford or Pontiac/GM? Hmmmm… If I had the choice in V8s I think I’d go for the Hemi in Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger in the F&F, but if it’s out of those two… reckon the Trans Am has more kudos, but I think you’re right, the interceptor does look cooler :smiley:

Yeah like turn it in to a brat bike, they’ll be the new best thing for 09 you watch maybe even 2010.

And Kev, for me it was all about the charger :smiley:

Great minds eh? :wink:


You are needed on this thread! :smiley:

I don’t even remember Streethawk…but I ain’t a spring chicken so chances are they didn’t show it where I lived at the time. Knightrider, Manimal and Airwolf were my faves!

only had about 13 episodes in about 1985 so I am not suprised… Ive only ever seen re-runs (was too young to see/remember the original run :smiley: :Whistling: :slight_smile:

I was 10 so should have remembered it…but then I was living in Scotland by then! :w00t:

Has to be the 1970 Dodge Challenger for me. . .