Knee Sliders...Wich ones?

i need new sliders…my old ones are waaaaafer thin now:D

they were heine gericke sliders, lasted a fair while, i am quite hard on sliders so i want some that are hard wearing!

was looking at Wiz sliders they any good?- the trakpucks look good.

or R&G ones look quite solid, i have some Frank Thomas Ti Sparkys, the spark at night alright but they have cracked and the metal plate isnt flat so its a bit garbby when you touch ya knee down, me no likes!:w00t:

so wadda ya use!?

Hey ratty i have a couple of new pairs of sliders here if you want em…will swap em for you know what;)

what"s that then wasp :smiley:

don’t be nosey:P

just got some wiz st georges flag sparkies, they’re cool

I’ve got a set you can have…Old Hein Gericke ones…Hardly used… FREE :smiley:

sweeeeeeeeeet, i’ll melt em in no time! thats half teh probelm!!:smiley: