Knee Down

Hi Guys 'n Gals!
I am after a few ‘knee down’ style pictures to use for a website that I am currently working on.
The images have to be copyright free or ones that you have taken yourself and happy for me to use!

FanQ! :smiley:

Humm I dont actually have one!! I wish I did… I have one that is close, but no cigar…

Loads of people have them, if you are on facebook, then join up the londonbikers group there, and take some of those photos, Nuts has a load.

Da Artist has loads as well, if you ask his permission.

Could ask Jay as well, but not sure of the copyright.

Is that a stunt double in your avatar then E?:wink:

would this do? :Whistling: :ermm:

Hehe that is the close but no cigar one…when blown up you can see that the knee is not touching…:angry:

I recon you could have gotten away with that;)I wanna know where they get double thickness sliders from… I wonder if they could do me some quadruple thickness ones:w00t::smiley:

If only the guy was on a bike and the image was bigger!! :slight_smile:

:w00t::hehe: Love it!

No.He hasn’t got his knee down :whistling:

not sure if you can use this, it was a free screensaver i downloaded a while back, although his knee isn’t all the way down:)