Knee Down on Daytona 675

Seems like a good place you found there, PM with the location or drop me a line when you next go!!:):slight_smile:

haha good skills Arnie. I recognise that spot. in fact i christened it before you hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to do it again soon mate! maybe after BCR like last time! full day of peg down knee down action :smiley:

good vid that…

our polishbikers team found nice spot for left knee down aswell… have a look:



:crying: when can i come out to play!?

I go there about 2 times a week at least now. Friday night will be there aswell. Come over to Ace and then we will head together down the palce.

which side of london is that!!! Just moved down… been scouring all of surrey and cant find a decent spot to grind my sliders!!

Obviously, don’t expect you put up exact place on a public forum… but im near wimbledon… would it be a massive trek for me to get to that place??


it’s 40 ish miles for me the roundabout fro mvid. and the second one is 100 miles away but worth a go. we will be organising a trip for the whole day down there :d

thats not arnie…

that rider didnt get pulled over once


Unkind…but hilarious. :laugh:

i like that vid, great place as well when not too busy with traffic, 55mph, wait, wait, wait, now lean and… grind away :slight_smile:

I have to get some videos of you scratching the tarmac :smiley: :smiley:

What’s the name of the track playing over the video?

ferry corster - watch out

I just realised that K.D.Lang is a keen roundabout scratcher, hence the name.

ferry corsten - watch out :d

Wonder if I could get knee down riding lardy old blackbird ? :slight_smile:

don’t both steve you know at your age you’ll end up breaking your hip:D

well done that man!!!:D;)

you`d be able to go quicker round the race track now m8:D:D:D