Knee armour

Hi all,

In anticipation of the weather becoming warmer - yes, months away, but it’s keeping me going - I’ve been thinking about summer kit.

I have a pair of Red Route kevlar jeans, which are great, but the lack of armour concerns me. So does the fact that they’re pretty baggy, so knee protectors in the legs would probably move about if I stacked it.

Has anyone had any experience with Alpinestars Bionic SX Knee Guards?

Are they comfy to wear for, say, a couple of hours? Or would the backs of my knees get all sweaty and gross?

It would be for commuting use - I have a 20-mile jaunt around the South Circular to work. Obviously for ‘spirited’ riding in the twisties I’d be in full leathers.


Forcefield Sport or Pro Pants might be something to consider as well.

Here is a review of them.

Those look pretty good, actually. Cheers, Garret!

At least I’ve got, ooooh, six months to decide in before I’ll be able to wear anything less than arctic kit. :hehe:

those look interesting, have you bought them yet?

i’ve been searching for the right knee protection to go under my draggins for a while
now, they will prob be in summer tho

was considering the forcefield limb tubes
their pro-trousers are ok if you are around avg height but the knee protection is non-adjustable so i have to go for the shorts and separate knee pads

these guys seem to do reasonable value stuff

Those look interesting!

I haven’t got the knee things yet, no - I was at the MCN show today and had a nose around, but couldn’t see any.

The heat thing could be an issue, yes - but it can’t be worse than wearing leathers, surely. With those shorts you found and the knee guards in the OP I reckon it’d be quite nice and breezy.

Though it would still mean getting changed at work.

i got some red root jeans with kneearmour included dont seem to move around more than textiles :ermm:

that doesnt help you, i know :Whistling:

but i did see the forcefield armour pants… they looked like they could work