knackered engine update (1000rr7 no oil)

Hi everyone, posted my first topic last month about not checking my oil on first run of the year and replies asked for an update. got various suggestions from tappets to valves.

truth is its still not working and engines in many bits at local honda dealer, annoying part after learning the hard way was that no warning light came on but lied to dealer incase they fobbed me off with ‘warranty not valid’. after many visits and phone calls it was finally stripped down to the point where my dealer described me as ‘you with the baked engine’… Not being engine minded he showed me a piston with a con rod? and then a melted piece of metal at the end which was supposed to be a bearing!! At this point he asked if i was sure it hadnt had any oil, oh no i said first thing i check;). asked for a new engine as about 3 or 4 weeks to this point but told honda will supply parts but not full engine…

Too impatient to wait for repair so ordered new 09 blade now, dealer offered me £6000 part ex on repsol (£9921). my budget is 150 a month so x 24 totals £9600 inc old bike in bits. giving £450 cash extra but getting new tinted db screen, r & g tail tidy, rear repsol hugger, rear seat cowl and tank pad, cant wait.:smiley: sound good?? bike or deal or both ???:cool:

Lets just hope the dealer doesn’t read this;)Remind me not to buy a second hand bike from you;):smiley:

lol - there’s plenty of eyes on here! Nice bike though