knackered engine ??? 1000rr7

suggestions needed please… first day of the year out on my repsol 1000rr7 and never thought to check the oil as new i was only doing a 20 min ride and thought “it’ll be ok”. 15 mile down the road a loud knocking/rattling started, i got the bike recovered but my dilema is not having the bike “shop” serviced every 4000mile/annually could have invalidated my warranty. It has 6500miles and got no warning lights when the noise started. Any engine wizzes out there with best and worst case scenarios or do i start looking in breakers yards. Any ideas??? thanks carl.

Hello and Welcome:cool:

It could be anything to be honest.

Are you saying there is no oil in the engine at all?

I would top up the oil with the same oil as is already in it, then run the bike again. As long as it’s not sounding like a skip full of spanners, get it nice and warm, and let us know the results. Honda’s are pretty strong engine-wise, so hopefully no harm done.

virtually no oil yeah, had to really tip it over to see any in window. topped it up and run to see if it would quieten but like ya say sounds like a bag of spanners. mates say could be a valve but saying that just from listening & experience, dont want to throw dead money at it unless confident of low hundreds not low thousands to repair?

It’s very unlikely to be just a valve if you ran it without oil…Did you really just fire it up after the winter , check nothing , and go for a ride? If so ,I guess it could have been worse :slight_smile:

can guess what ya thinkin and ya right. if it turns out expensive then massive lesson learnt. fired up half a dozen times since before christmas just idling in garage but yeah that was first time out. gonna use AA to take it in to local honda and see what they say, could be something or nothing and panic was for nothing or they could fob me off but at least they can tell me what damage is done. fingers crossed…

Hope it doesn’t turn out to be too drastic mate.