Kind of sad news! :(

Basically I’m getting a scooter!!!

Well me and my mum started speaking about seeing a Supermoto 125 and she started crying and when I asked her she said she is scared for me to get a manual and she is scared to lose me aswell (she lost her dad and brother on motorbikes) so I had a think a deep think about it and to make her calmer I will get a scooter but a big one like suzuki burgman!

I know I will propably regret this decision but I guess it won’t harm me getting some more practise on a automatic before jumping on a manual

Oh Dear. and all that hard work we all put in with your prom to show them what Biking is all about and you bow down to the pressure and get a scooter!!

I bet if half of us on here had listened to our parents we wouldn’t have bikes. just do it, you know you want too!! just tell her the scooter you are getting is quicker than the Sinnis and it is also more dangerous to ride as it’s lower and not as Orange so cars can’t see you!!

Oh ffs Sam I want the manual again :smiley: I think I’ll end up with the manual anyway cause I know ill start hating the scooter quite quickly and get bored of it! I think it was a moment I fell under pressure but now I’m back on track again :smiley:

It’s difficult bud, I’ve had two uncles killed on bikes and one left permanently brain damaged.

My old man wanted to smash me up when I told him.

After a while people stop worrying so much, they get used to the idea you’re on a bike.

Obviously it’s your family and I wont advise you on what to get but there is truth in Sams comments, I found riding a Moped to be a nightmare compared.

My first bike, Yamaha FS1E (Fizzy) , my Mum also cried and didn’t want me to have it, bought it anyway, I was a bit rebellious :Whistling:

I think what my mum is scare that the same thing that happened to my stepdad (car pulled out on him at 45) will happen to me but I just need to explain to her I could be on a bloddy unicycle but if there are retards around then the same thing will happen no matter in what transport you are!

I think I just went retarded for a bit and acctually thought about getting the scooter!

I’ll also tell her what’s the point in me working all summer to buy something that I don’t like :crazy:

With all due respect what’s the difference she sees between a ped and a 125 manual? If you come off, being on a ped doesn’t change anything…

My mum didn’t cry at all.
I suspect she doesn’t really love me.

Seems entirely reasonable to me - mum does not want son to expire. Use the scooter - prove you can ride it without issue and then move on to bigger, faster and better things whilst gaining the respect of mum and learning enough “road sense” to stay alive.

After a steep learning curve you will still be with us and maybe aspire to the Panigale that you rode pillion on.

You will also gain our respect at the same time.

Is the Sunnis any faster or more dangerous?

Frankly only difference I can see Is that being Chinese it might disintegrate whilst riding leading to a crash… :smiley:

Then again if fears could be overcome with fqcts , half the supermarkets would be empty…

Just look for some past posts on here from Kishan and you’ll change your mind back to a bike in no time. :smiley:

Scooter tosser :stuck_out_tongue:

Most parents, hate us on bikes.
My father told me, if I come off and break bones, he will visit me in hospital to break the rest.
The day I passed my test he told me, now you can stop riding, you achieved a licence! I replied with no getting a bigger Bike.

To sum it up, parents worry. Ps my son is not allowed a bike or scooter!

I would have thought a scooter was less safe? Can’t corner as well as a manual and could end up with more problems in that respect, then theres the fact that scooters aren’t as powerful as motorbikes and can’t get out of a situation as quick if they need to :ermm:

Thing is my mum thinks that I’m a yobo that will always go full throttle, but this morning I explained to her that the manual is safer and it will be better if I make silly mistake on a small bike rather than jump on a 400 straight away and make silly mistakes!!

I guess it didn’t help with the behaviour of some of us on the Prom Ride. I blame Shaun for the Wheelie down your road:Whistling:

I kind of agree with ninjabob - a 125cc is never going to be fast and I wouldn’t have thought a manual is much faster than an automatic. If riding a scooter for a year makes your mum feel more comfortable about you riding then she’ll be more relaxed about you progressing on to bigger bikes.

If you’re using it as an everyday runaround in London for going to work etc then a scooter makes a lot of sense - my old Yamaha Cygnus X had enough space in the underseat compartment to carry 2 helmets and the flat footbed was big enough to carry bags of sand and cement to re-lay a footpath - with a bungee net over the back seat it’s amazing how much you could carry on it. Plus the centre of gravity felt like it was about 8 inches off the ground and it was small and light enough to make filtering incredibly easy (I could pretty much pick it up and turn it round if I was in a tight spot). Yes you’ll get left at the lights by big bikes but half the time you’ll catch them back up at the next set of lights anyway.

Note, none of the above will stop people taking the piss sometimes but that’s life :wink:

I’ve not read all the replies so apologies if someone has mentioned this.

TBH you have to respect the upset your mum feels (and given your decision you clearly do which is admirable)…

go for the scooter, show her your ok on it (as tbh geared or not it is still a PTW) once she is a little more comfortable you could then upgrade.

Just my pennies worth there.

Edited for ya :smiley:

On a serious note, parents worry. Worse if they don’t. My dad used to tell me to “go play in the traffic” :slight_smile:

To be honest I won’t be goin London much , my commute to Work doesn’t involve much filtering cause there is just or set of lights and them roads are never busy!

I just said to my mum what was the point in me working all summer an idiot to get something that I don’t like and also jumping from a scooter to a decent sized manual doesn’t seem very sensible either so I’ll prefer to make silly mistakes on a 125 rather than 400 if it makes sense