Kim and J's Sussex Rideout

Hi All,

Thought we would post this one up as our ride out was completely unprepared - although a must do again!

With France coming up in June for two weeks we decided to spend this weekend getting in the miles given the weather was going to be good. So after Saturdays rideout through Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex roads - we headed out Sunday at 9am from East London, through town on the A205 to pick up the A3 then the A24 towards Box Hill. A quick pit stop for fuel before the obligatory breakfast Burger and Coffee at Ryka’s saw loads of bikes of all shapes and sizes arriving. After a quick look at the map, we headed off down the A24 for a while before turning right down the A29 (Ockley/ Slinfold/North Heath/ Pulborough/ Watersfield/ Bury) and then a short trip on the A284 into Arundel for a lunchtime Coffee at the Black Rabbit at the end of the road running past Arundel Castle.

It was then a quick back track on the A284 to join the B2139 towards Storrington, dog leg right continuing over the A283 on the B2139 past Thakeham on to Cooham to turn right and join the A272. Then over the A24 on the A272 saw a quick U-turn due to a serious looking middle of the road fire just shy of Cowfold…serious accident according to news at 5.30…back to the A24, left onto A24 and left again off on to the B2135, B2116, A281 then right back on to the A272 just beyond the fire!!

It was then the A272 again twisting and turning all the way through to Uckfield where we turned left and picked up the A22 just outside Uckfield for a short hop and the right at the first roundabout onto the B2026 on through the Ashdown Forest (lovely countryside and views!!) on to the B2188 and the B2110 in to Groombridge - right on to the A264 through Tunbridge Wells where we then went left and hit the faster A26/ A21 and then the M25 before the A2 run home again.

Around 170 mile of great fun, great sights…great twists and turns and very few cars to spoil the fun…oh and dry roads!!!


Yep yep yep

Brilliant rideout… As for the accident on the a272, my prayers go out to whomever was involved. On our way down to Box this morning, what J did not say was that some woman, pulled into the lane that J was in, when he “reprimanded” her, her answer was “you should have moved over, as you are in my way” J had some choice words. Lovely. Not to mention the “Oh you’re a woman” I got from a bike courier when he stopped to shout at a guy who pulled in front of me. (Dont I look feminine in my bike kit??? )

Other than that, what an absolutely glorious day out, thoroughly enjoyed all of it!!! Some really twisty roads and the scenery was great and once we left boxhill, everyone on the roads just seemed so much friendlier and happier to be out!!! Even the Harley riders nodded back, and they never nod at me …

Cool route guys. I know most of those roads and they’re cracking!

Dunno that I could have managed it after a Ryka’s burger though…

I’m going to try and catch a few of those roads on my way to the IOW TT.

Sounds like you two had a grand day out! I’ll have to try this route some time. I know the bits up to Arundel but not beyond, so will be experimenting come a clear weekend

I think we done some of those roads a few weeks ago on a rideout with Killer1, some pukka roads down that way, giss a shout, I’ll be up for it when you do it again

i really think this route sounds devine!, we must organise another sunday ride out soon!!!

Hi guys,

I’m gonna arrange another Boxhill - Arundel trip, will incorporate some of the best of last time with some new stuff

See ride out section


I will post up in your thread as well. On Sunday, coming down the A272 we came across an accident on the road. Looking today for news on that accident, I have found that it did indeed involve a motorcyclist who was declared dead on the scene. RIP Fellow biker.

I think of a bigger concern was that there was another accident on that road this afternoon and looking at the history of the a272 it appears that there have been a number of riders who have had accidents on that same stretch of road near Cowfold. It is a beautiful stretch of road but also dangerous, so PLEASE PLEASE be careful to all who ride that road

O.K…you can’t brag up these wicked awesome rides and then not post any pictures!

(And sorry to read about the rider down…hate to read it…no matter where it happens. )

Sorry KSG

Will definitely take some pics next time we’re out and send them on!!!

Where in the states are you based again??

Been out there a few times now and looking to go out again for some vacay!!

Excellent…I’ll look forward to seeing them!

I’m currently in Wichita, KS…about as smack in the middle of the US of A as you can be.


Will defo post them… I want to go and have a look at the Grand Canyon and J wants to go to the Daytona bike week. And Route 66.

(Dont I look feminine in my bike kit??? )


thats right Joe…

you dont look feminine in your bike kit

How you doing>>>> aint seen you in ages!!!

and how’s all the girls???

I was thinking about you the other day - we drove through Sidcup and I remembered the memorial ride out!! I see the bench is in place at Blackheath - well done…

no probs babe, i always be around. bench was a great idea as the other one was falling to bits. got a pair of new boots to go on my bike but not putting them on till weather gets a bit better. dont want to waste them going in a straight line…