KillSpills Rally 2006 a Resounding Success!

The KillSpills Team, our sponsors the BMF and I would like to thank everyone who came to support us on Saturday 9th September 2006 for the biggest and best KillSpills rally yet!

The official attendance figure for the day as supplied by the police was 5,250 – over double our 2005 figure! We demonstrated that the UK’s motorcyclists can unite on issues that have real bearing on safety of road users, With the sheer volume of support are a force to be reckoned with and our peaceful protest can’t go unrecognised by the powers that be.

As some of you may already know, KillSpills has been successful in lobbying Government on the danger of diesel spills, to the extent that we now sit on two sub groups of the National Motorcycle Council, tasked with delivering the Government’s National Motorcycling Strategy. The KillSpills Team has worked very hard to achieve this level of recognition by Government and your support has helped deliver this. 2006 really has been an excellent year for KillSpills, but I must also place on record our thanks to the BMF for all the help and support they have given us. Their sponsorship has been crucial in enabling us to make progress in leaps and bounds.

We’ve ridden to Downing Street in increasing numbers over the last three years and Government has been sitting up and taking notice. The sizeable number of motorcycles that have joined us over the years has seen to that.

After long discussion, the KillSpills Team feels that the rallies held over the past three years have achieved their goal. Government is listening to us and actively seeking our views and the biking community is becoming more aware of the dangers of diesel spills; a fact that is born out in the latest statistics. Unfortunately, other road users are not identifying with KillSpills. We are seen as a “bikers only” campaign and as such, it has been almost impossible to engage the wider media to cover our “good news” story.

KillSpills is made up of six biker volunteers. We have no external funding for the day to day expenses of running the campaign (which are not insignificant) and these are self financed by individual Team members, because of their commitment and dedication to the cause. The BMF kindly sponsor our rallies, which otherwise would not go ahead. In addition the BMF provide political, administration and PR support to KillSpills. The EDM was organised on our behalf by the BMF and their Team are only a phone call or e mail away. We have built up a close and respected working relationship with the BMF. We can draw on their expertise when required, yet maintain our independence as a lobbying group, a fact that is close to the hearts of the KillSpills Team.

The Team, Marshals, BMF and Police will be having a post rally wash up meeting. This will take place within the next month. We will identify what went well and what areas we can improve upon. We will also agree the best way to deliver our campaign strategy over the coming year. What is already clear is that we need to concentrate our limited resources on lobbying Government, working with the DfT and other organisations and companies involved with the usage of diesel as our main goal.

Many factors will need to be taken into account before the next rally. Given the incredible turnout last weekend and the additional planning required to ensure a safe and fun day for all involved, we are unable to announce the date of the next rally at this time.

Keep an eye on to stay up-to-date with the progress the KillSpills Team makes over the coming year. One thing we’re definitely not going to do is pipe down and let stakeholders forget the menace that diesel spills represent!

Thank you all for your continued support from the bottom of our hearts. Without you all, the campaign would never have reached the stage it is currently at.

Stephen Edwards,
KillSpills Campaign Manager

Was glad to be a part of it