KillSpills 2006


There WILL be another rally in 2006!

It will meet at the Ace Cafe once again, but will have a sizeable police presence as we’ve finally been recognised as a sizeable road safety rally!

Saturday 9th September 2006 is the date. Last year, we had an official figure of 850. This year, we had an official figure of 2500 (in the rain!). Who knows how many we’re gonna get next year?!

We really appreciate the effort and support you guys have shown us over the past two rallies and hope we can count on you to be there next year!

We’ve taken comments and feedback on board from this year’s rally, so next year’s is sure to be bigger and better than ever!

KillSpills is the biggest road safety rally ever seen in central London and we just want to get bigger! The bigger we are, the more Government have to sit up and listen - and they already are! KillSpills team leader, Stephen Edwards has already been invited to sit on various parliamentary meetings by the Department of Transport.

KillSpills 2006 is going to feature a new and improved website (currently being finished) and an all-new KillSpills forum! The forum is there to keep people up-to-date with all things KillSpills and to allow users of all different forums to come together and organise a rideout to the 2006 rally together!

We hope to see you guys in 2006!


KillSpills Website

KillSpills Forum

Great news! I’m very much behind this rally, it’s a terribly worth-while cause. Luck is the only thing that keeps us from hitting these many diesel patches, it can’t be allowed to go on any longer! LB will be there to support the rally.

You can count on us!

I’m really hoping I can make next years rally as I had to miss this years

But this is a great for us bikers and shows that we’re not just going to sit back and fight for better road safty

Hope doesn’t come into it mate - arrange it now!

oooh im coming yep yep ill be there

BUMP - Less than a month away, get it in the diary now.

its already in the diary. i was there last year, had a good day for good cause, this year hopefully bigger and better.

count on me. this needs our support…

I’ll most definately be there in spirit. Bit peed off I can’t make it but my holidays clash with the date. Missing the Brighton Burn-Up too, boo hoo.

Ill be I hope this year all depends on my leg and bike

Already in diary and signed up for this…

Cant wait as I have heard really good things about it… plus a good cause… well cool…

sounds very worthwhile! i shall be there, and i can book that sat off !!

Track back on your figures and dates mate…

Kill Spills is MASSIVE I love it…

you meant to quote you estimated 2500 last year and you also said that who knows what ya gonna get next year…what about this year !!!

I hope I havent missed it reading your post !!!

(I rode behind Jay and Foxy all the way last year and didnt even know about and then I trod on her at one of the all pally do,s !!!)

It was hot, wet and slow last year

Great crack to ride up there but not so funny when I got rear ended by another female on a bike close to the Ace. I think she’s a LBer too, so if it’s you, own up

it was me in drag !

You hope you haven’t missed anything? What, like me starting this thread in 2005?

Gawd Dam Boy !! you did…

My Humblest…

didnt tink to look at the date…well…count me in for sure on this one cos if its like the last then I aint missing it for no man or beast…I swagged some lovely photo,s of me and my last bike off the site too…:wink:

love and luck to ya !!!