KillSpills 2006 Gallery now online

All pics are low resolution, but if you spot yourself in one and you’d like a bigger copy, just email me on [email protected] and I’ll get a bigger version emailed over!

some nice photos there mate

John, we’ll happily run the high-res images for you in a gallery.

If anyone reading this has any pictures of the KillSpills rally on Park Lane, could I please have a copy.

Transport for London are issuing tickets for entering the bus lane there, even there there were 1000’s of bikes and they were pushed left by the Police marshalling the event.

I want to start gathering evidence now.


Im gutted I couldnt be with you all…had such a fantastic time last year…Im looking forward to being on the next one and promise I wont have anymore duels with cab cagers !!!

great gallery !!