Killer Road

Cutting Edge: Killer Road.
21:00 - 22:00 Monday, 23 April.
Channel Four.

Examining the dangers of the A46 in Lincolnshire - an infamous black-spot, known to be one of Britain’s most perilous roads.

Includes interviews with people who have lost loved ones along this stretch of the highway.

not so sure though that a road can kill you, but nevertheless, I’ll watch it.

I may actually have to turn the TV on for once to watch this. Its a glorious stretch of raod.

Think I’ll take a blast around there

EDIT: Doesn’t look very challenging from the map…Why is it so dangerous?

Watch the program and find out…

I’ll be out on my bike…Tape it for us

That was a real insight into the ripple effect of a fatal RTA - this programme showed the effect an accident has on those left behind or indeed the other party involved who survived.

all those deaths in just one 17 mile stretch.

The most terrible? The absolutely scumbag who whilst serving his fifth ban killed 2 13 year old girls whilst drunk at the wheel - some people are beyond forgiveness

Personally I thought it was not really that good a program. It went over various accidents that have happened on a stretch of the A46, and basically gave the reasons behind each accident. That however, did not explain why the road is so dangerous. They didn’t even show clips going along the road to show you what it is like. Perhaps they should have actually included pictures of the crashes themselves, it may have hit harder.

Ok, so it may hit home to a few showing and describing the accidents that they did, but there was no mention of trying to resolve the accident rate on this road.

And as MACP has stated, the dude that killed those two little girls should die a very slow and painful death, there was no excuse.

I’m with Chuffster - it was depressing, and painful to see after effects of death, but no answer to problem of the road. It should have been described as a study of the impact of death on the family and friends of the victims.

The only reason i could see it was dangerous, was junctions, variable conditions, road undulating and W@nker drivers - just like any other road really!

Didn’t see the program, but have ridden & driven a fair bit in that neck of the woods and a lot of the roads area arrow straight for miles meaning traffic speeds creep up also many of Lincs roads have hidden dips/crests which combined with higher speeds contribute to causing head on collisions or T boning traffic pulling out of side turnings etc

I’ll be there today, however on 4 wheels. Go that way a lot as my brother lives in Lincoln.

Agree with others that it didn’t show why that road was dangerous, it was more the driving abilities or lack of by the drivers… and cyclists without lights!

As far as a ‘Cutting Edge’ programme goes this was pretty uninformative tbh…

There is no such thing as a ‘Killer Road’ it is the people on it that kill.

Look at the causations of the Fataccs from last night:

  1. Racing/speeding drunk banned driver

  2. Inexperienced girl takes bend on wrong side of road

  3. LGV turns right into path of oncoming car (SMIDSY )

  4. Unlit cyclist.

I se no blame apportioned to the layout of this A road.

tragic, yes, but the fault of the road?

Wakey wakey.

killer bee’s yes,…but killer road…

With you on that one mate…

“Guns don’t kill people…rappers do!”

What I saw of this was a bit depressing really and pointed mostly to a lot of people who made mistakes…Cyclists with no lights, people speeding, etc…how is that the roads fault…?

Yeah agree…Would have been useful to identify the sections of the road that are statistically the most dangerous and why.

I think the programme was more about the human story behind fatal road incidents and the the after effects. The road is just that - the place where is happaned - the common theme as it were.

I think you can put the title down to artistic license on behalf of the documetary maker - it certain is attention grabbing but lets face it it shows some of the effects that every fatal accident on every stretch of road in the UK.

I must admit I had watery eyes when that poor woman explained how she had to identify her daugher’s body…but the same can be said for the A66, that too is a dangerous road but accidents are caused by human error, not the road.

Some roads are to blame by being just awful though…Like parts of the A2