Kill Spill & Breakfast

Well as planned we did the breakfast run today, but my god was the weather crappy at 6:30 !

Got to Aces before 7, it was already open and serving hot food, what a god send ! I’ve been editing the video and the pictures are drab and grey so I’m not sure what’ll come out like, I’m just compressing it right now, so far it’s 5gig ! It’ll just be another time lapse peice to some music or other, but i’m going to have to do something interesting with it, or it’s going to be boring and grey, grey, grey !

Other than that we stayed till about 12 before setting off her home ( we didn’t plan on the Kill Spill ride - turned up without knowing )… I’ve got to say I’ve never seen so many bike sin one place and to see them parked all over the footbridge was really something.

God know how I’m going to get my hands on a LondonBikers sticker, cant bloody find anyone, and a Yellow SV with a union Jack helmet sat on it in the car park just isn’t doing the job !!!

May well be down there again tomorrow morning as the Mrs is well and truly in with the French Trike crowd ( the Mrs is French ) , so we may we’ll be joining them for croissant and coffee ( I’ll take my tea and fried egg sandwich ).

Took loads of pics and will post them online with the link sometime tonight… ( the video wont be done until sometime next week , with the slow arse rate it’s working ).

Congrats to all the riders that went, very cool day but I do have to say I’ve not seen rain like this since we lived in Thailand during the monsoon seasons.

Ooops, didn’t see your bike/lid, sorry Lee! Might well see you tomorrow! Look forward to seeing the video! It was a good day on the whole I thought, apart from the humidity and rain.

I had work for most of the day today so all I could see from my office window at Park Royal was millions of bikes going past And my bike was stuck downstairs having no fun what so ever! I did get down to the Ace and saw the comanche(sp) chopper and the Jets bike which was on display but didn’t stay for long as no one was really there. Glad everyone had a great time

Hope it’s not raining tomorrow, and should be up the Ace bright and early. I’ll get some LB stickers off you then Jay as I want them on my bike before we leave for Brighton! As all my biker buddies are busy tomorrow which is a bit of a pain in the arse, I’m guna have to tag along with some of you if you don’t mind lol please