kill spill......... and the rain

Has’nt stopped raining since 5am thismorning, “Fu**ing weather” and it is getting heavier by the min, so looks like i won’t be coming on the ride, i am wholy p1ssed off now . Hopefully weather will be better tomorow as i want to go on the brighton run. WOW BIG THUNDER AND LIGHTNING NOW !!!


Still bucketing it down !!!

Stop being a wuss njs71, biking doesn’t stop because it’s raining you know! Your bike does function in the wet! Besides, it’s not raining in West London at the moment.

just being watching bbc london news about the kill spill run and they were interviewing somebloke at the ace, with what looked like foxy loitering around in the background!!!

was it you???

Hey there… I just saw the news too… Yeah!!! It’s me… Looking rather sheepish!!! Had a great day, even though the heavens opened and I nearly got taken out by a Harley rider!!! Great to see so many people turn up…

Really great to meet a couple of you too…

Who cares about the rain?

I had a lot of fun,as usual only on my way back almost felt off two times on wet tarmac on the curves.

Anyway,what I learnt today is:

Never follow Foxy with your visor up because her end can is exactly targeting your face and then you have to do this - - when she revs it(lol)

I learnt that one a while ago… cheeky girl Glad you didn’t fall off Rottie!

I get the sane thing when I follow my brother on his KTBoom

Doh… Sorry Rottie… Jay had words with me about that a couple of days ago!!! Some people never learn do they!!! That bike really brings out the animal in me!!! :slight_smile:

No worries

Anyway,I’ll see you all tomorrow morning no matter the weather right?!

Well I was there and enjoyed it on the ride. Mucho waving and severe reving of bike (oooh me scafoid)

Hey Rottie, are you the guy who came to Boxhill a couple of Sundays ago??

Well made it down, missed the ride but got to the ace, boy did we get some bad weather on the way down!!! well worth it.

Yupp Chris, that was me, I had to stop on the roundabout, then made one more round cause wasn’t sure where to go and couldn’t get you later on so had to come back alone.

Are u coming tomorrow to the ace cafe?

I saw you yesterday aswell goin in the opposite direction at westminster.!!

It’s 7.30am and all is well, at least it’s dry I mean. Better get movin’ see u at the Ace.

It was a canny run up to town, and the rain added to the fun I thought. I saw a huge diesel slick at one of the junctions in town on the way back, and thought this would a really ironic place to bin it!

Should have put loads of the rally flags down on it or summat.

Got loads of pics from the trip - Jay has them now so hopefully he’ll do something constructive with them.

I went with a mate, but we came down late (I was pissed the night before, as Jay and Rottie can testify) so ended up right at the front of the ride out just behind the BMF boys.

What a cool run, can’t believe how well the tourists responded to all these noisy bassa bikes. When we got to the Mall all of the tourists I could see were taking pics of the bikes rather than the Palace

Left arm was fooked thou by the time I got back after having to slip the SMC’s clutch for nearly all the ride

I saw Foxy sitting on her bike back at the Ace and I saw Jay leave, but didn’t see anyone else. Then Again I only know a few of you so not surprising.

All in all a quality and worthwhile ride