Kilburn High Road PCN

Normally I head down the A1000 into central London, but heading to the camera day at OMC last Saturday I went down Kilburn High Street. I thought I’m usually quite careful about which bus lanes I can go in, but it looks like their signs are a little different and I wasn’t paying enough attention.

I’ve tried to log in to Camden’s website to see the information, but it says I’m using the wrong info. I put the exact same info into their payment system and it knows I owe them £65…

I found this guy, that got done in exactly the same place as me -

It looks like the sign says Mon-Fri 7-10 and 4-7, and then underneath I think it must say Saturday’s 10-7, which I can only guess I missed :frowning:

Does anyone know for sure what this sign says?


Do a street view on google. If it is so then you might have to pay. You could contest by “I didn’t realise…my first mistake” works sometimes :slight_smile:

The sign says Mon-Fri 7-10 and 4-7, Saturday’s 10-7, :slight_smile:

This is a link of the site where you got caught (including the camer that got you in case you want to demolish it). Money grabbing barstewards

It is 10 - 7 on the Saturday. There may be other grounds of appeal - peeps on pepipoo may be able to help with that.

Thanks folks. I’ll probably just pay it, unless I still can’t view the evidence online in a couple of days, as that might mean they accidentally deleted it :slight_smile:

contest it anyway. the 2 week window gets frozen for the duration of the contest so you will still have teh option of the lower payment if they deny you :slight_smile: