Kids throwing stones on Grange road, LBG

If you’re going somewhere or coming back home in SE1, avoid Grange Road. Some shits were throwing stones at me when I was passing there half an hour ago. Called the police and all, said they’d send a ‘considerable force’ down to deal with them within the hour. Whatever that might mean. They were about a dozen of them. Take care

little shits, hope they get the business end of a truncheon to the head!

Turds. You OK blu?

I’m good. I think one stone hit the bike as I heard a clang but didn’t notice any marks.

Where’s Ratcatcher when you need him…

you local to grange rd?

am just around the corner, if i had read this earlier would have popped round there.

Yea I live near the tesco’s on Old Kent Rd. I usually take that way home to avoid the sometimes busy Old Kent Rd… Never had a problem in the last year or so.

Probably the same little sh*tehawks who threw a tin can at me as I cycled back to my home the other night! At least we can take comfort in the fact that it’s nothing personal, (they throw stuff at anyone who rides pass!)

I spoke to one of my neighbours recently who told me the police were aware of a gang of yoofs being a bloody nuisance in the area and they were “monitoring them”, mmmm…

They’re at it again. A couple of groups this time. I just got an egg in the throat (it hurts and smells, now i gotta wash everything) and a cyclist got a glass bottle or something (shattered all over the ground).

Both incidents reported to the police. Be careful guys.

Don’t know if this is the same thing but the A3 has been closed at kennington lane going southbounds…

ah I remember a while back I was looking at a flat there… glad I didn’t get it! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

lol it’s not too bad usually. This problem only arose recently (since the riots??)

Looks like pepper spray is illegal in this country…

Pepper spray might be illegal but I’m sure you could make naga chilli infused oil in a spray bottle for flavouring your favourite dishes :wink:

Its a firearm offence… Might as well carry a gun.

The other day I saw some blk kid kicking a stone at the corner of my eye. I thought nothing of it, but when I looked back on the camera footage I could see the **** was aiming at me. I was really tempted to go out and look for him.

LOL brilliant

I read wikipedia on pepper spray and saw the classification as well. Sounds a bit extreme but oh well.

They usually go out in groups of 15+ so it’s quite tough to fight back. I’m a tiny lad and have no kung fu either :stuck_out_tongue:
They’re also prepared for the evening, carrying quite an arsenal of things to throw at people.

so am i with that attitude

Ahhhh what [email protected] Stay safe Blu.

yawn… try trolling someplace else!

why didnt you apprecite the comment? tough!

like kids dont throw stones elsewhere ar far worse, ffs!