Kids as pillion passengers

Do you have small people that you take as pillion passengers?

How old were they when you first took them on your bike?

Have you taken any particular precautions with them more than with an adult pillion?

Any other tips and tricks?

I have 2 girls (10 and 8) who are desperate for me to pass so I can take them on the back of my Virago 535 - I put the sissy bars back on a week or so ago with that in mind. Obviously I don’t intend taking anyone on it until I’m feeling really safe and secure riding it on my own so this is for some time in the future (next year when the weather’s better, probably), and to help me teach THEM to do whatever they need to do and so I have time to make sure I have the right kit for them.

Oh yeah, any suggestions on the sort of kit to get them? Any good deals on XXS helmets I will of course report to shop_addict…

Hi there we have 4 kids all addicted to the bike in fact it is a fight to get me on and them off !

Our girls who are now 19, 10, & 9 (boy different story!)have all been on the bike since they were about 7. I would reccomend that you get a pair of “love Handles” which is a belt that has handle attached and sits round you waist. Whilst we have always had a sports bike, you are slightly different with the Virago. I think though that from the peace of mind for them the handles are great. Clothes wise you cannot get enough protection, the full kit with armour including boots and extra protection to wear under their clothes would also be highly reccomended. We also ensure that they have a mobile on them in the event that there is an accident and they would be able to call the emergency services.

A lot depends on the child, for us it was a natural thing as bikes have always been in our house, the have never been afraid of it. Children have a tendancy to want to sit upright as you go around corners and so it is essential to teach them to cuddle in and go with you.

My ten year old recently did a full run from Denbigh in North Wales to London on our R6… However we found that the 9 year old is a bit fidgity and would be constantly looking around and moving around on the pillion seat, which is unsettling to watch.

Hope it helps


Like weaver said legally speaking all they need todois be able to reach the footpegs and have a helmet on

I know we (Hein Gericke) do a few bits of kids clothing, i think J&S carry some and Colin Collins

arai now do a helmet just for kids and women called the Astro Light, might be a bit pricier than most but what price on ya kids head eh