Kids and I

Really really really chuffed, my son who is 8 and my daughter who is 6 and myself who is slightly older have just successfully got our red belts at karate, we are really pleased Dan put his belt on straight away and Alice decided to use hers as a skipping rope.

We are really chuffed, took along time to get but we have them now, next belt is yellow and we start training for that tomorrow…

thats arse-kicking tastic…

but like Mr Miyagi said “you no good till you clip toe nails of fly” (said with chop stick action above head)

Well done

I’m jealous - I had planned to grade again this month, but couldn’t get to training due to work. Maybe this time next year…


Was that at Highgate Wood School this afternoon by any chance?

No the Grove community centre in Peterborough…

Ah! My partner’s son’s doing his upgrade (hopefully) there this afternoon, too.

What in Peterborough?

you must be really proud…its great isnt it

No - North London.

Well done to all. My kids want to do Karatie next year.

well done , feels good doesn,t it

Well done

Well done, now try a real sport like kick boxing…(only JOKING !!)…Karates ok its an achievement of a sport and im all for anyone doing things like this whatever the sport…in my house, its kickboxing (hence comment), football and of course bikes…!

My son was born with a terrible infliction and we are lucky he can walk now, if it wasnt for modern science he would not be walking now, he isnt allowed to play rugby or football incase he breaks a bone in his leg/ankle as this can have severe complications to him walking. I felt that karate was a safe option for him as he is being bullied at school for being different and he needs to stand up for himself, I would have gone for boxing or kick boxing but was advised against this from his surgeon as it is too dangerous for him so karate is the one for us.

Good for him and good luck to him with those a-hole bullies…no one deserves that at school or anywhere.

Very well done to you all! Thats brilliant!